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    Kimberly Fowler

    Found out a few weeks my grandma died (I was overjoyed to hear that  because she was a beautiful Christian but very old and had been suffering very much with pain in her body, so I was just so relieved for her to hear that she had gone on to be with Jesus and actually a bit jealous-in a good way- that she was now in Heaven.)

    But today I found out that my uncle had just committed suicide, and although he had once given his heart to Jesus when he had a heart attack several years ago, he did not seem to have much change in lifestyle after that.

    I was in time with God and heard this in my heart:


    Precious metal, rare, costly material, these things can be found on earth. But more precious than all these things is what is in a man, the human soul. No worth is found that can compare to a man’s soul. No livelihood on earth can compare to the cost of one human soul. What is the cost of mortality? No vision can perceive the cost of a human life. Where does a soul go when it dies? The mind cannot conceive of such a thing: the cost to a man when he dies. Only eternity will tell of the cost of a man when he dies. Where a soul goes is found in the treasure of the man’s heart when he is alive on earth. Where his treasure is, is where his heart will be and where his soul will be found in the afterlife. If his soul was after heavenly treasure which is in God, his place will be found there, and there will be weeping no more, but if his heart lusted after earthly things, his soul will be corrupted after/by those things. The human vessel cannot take those things with him when he dies.
    His treasure will either be found in heaven or his heart (the corrupted things) will follow him to hell. No man can take his treasure with him. Only the Lord can hold his treasure for him. Men seek after pleasure, what pleases the eye and whim, but the Lord seeks after those who hold Him as their treasure. Only then can men’s hearts truly please them. The Lord’s treasure becomes their pleasure!

    Weeping lasts for a night (may endure for a night), but joy is found in the morning.

    Rare treasure, perfect treasure is from above and can only be found there. While men’s treasure may please them here on earth, the real perfect treasure that lasts through eternity will only be found/sought after in God. Only then will men have treasure that lasts and endures. That treasure that men will find on earth will be corrupted and bring corruption with it. Only in heaven will there be treasure with no hint of decay or corruptness.

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