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    Chris Williams

    Place your whole life in My hands, Sweet Children.  Each day is a gift for you and for Me; both of us linger in the other’s heart and mind continually, Amen. Each day is an opportunity to share Me and My abundant love with another.  Each day should be a joyful celebration of My Life within you.

    Be still now and listen to My voice deep within you.  Hear My Peace become your reality.  Feel My faith in Myself ~ as I manifest within you in the full power of God Almighty.

    Hear and see My angels all around you today.  We are here on earth among you constantly now.  We have always been on earth with those who will see and hear.  Take your eyes and ears off of yourself and concentrate on Me, your Lord, using your spiritual sight and hearing (see Lk 10:23-24).

    I have created all things within both the physical and heavenly realm, and all are now brought into one within Me: MY ONE BODY (see Rom 12:4-5).  Through My love within your heart and mind, My one heart and mind within you, you become one with Me and the many members within My Body, Amen (see Ezek 36:26-271 Cor 2:16).

    Christ delivers all into His Will, and all into their freedom now.  Enter into My Joy through My one love for all.  My one love produces this Joy that is the power of God sent and delivered to you during this time.  Shout for My Joy, the Joy of the Lord, Amen Amen and again Amen (see Psalms 132:9Psalms 132:16).

    Wonderful things and events are about to take place, and each day moves us closer to eternal life and My reality in all. This is the generation that sees My return, Amen Amen and again Amen.  See eternity in the eyes of your brothers and sisters, Amen.  Love greatly, My Loves, Amen.

    Jesus, thank You for Your Sacrifice and this wonderful promise.  We love you so much!  In Your Love for us all, Chris

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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