When the Holy Spirit speaks like one of the beatitudes, I open wide my ears and take heed. Here is what I heard, “You have heard that it is said people want to be seen, heard and loved, but I say people need to be healed, sealed and revealed.” Since being in Tennessee this phrase seen, heard and loved is pervasive, I had never heard it before, but here I hear it all the time, so when the Holy Spirit said this to me, I knew what He was talking about.

Friends, can I be honest with you…humanistic Christianity does not transform a life, only the power of God can do that. What my husband says is, “One touch from heaven changes everything!” We go for years of counseling so we can feel seen, heard and loved, but many people have no transformation that is lasting from counseling. If we could experience once touch from God’s power, our lives would never be the same again. I have experienced the power of God. I remember feeling like I was lying on an operating table as I laid on a prayer floor and God did surgery on my soul. I did not just fall down, I got back up a new person. I can’t explain it with words, but I know my life has changed forever because of the power of God.

Humanistic Christianity sounds good, feels good, for a moment but it has no lasting effects. We must experience the power of God. God can heal you with a word, seal every breach in you with a touch, and reveal to you who He is in ways that are indescribable. Life coaching sermons, seen, heard and love declarations, do not transform you. They may comfort you for the moment, but only power can eradicate anxiety, fear, depression. Only the finger of God can cast out generational spirits, demons and tormenting voices. Church, we need the power of God to heal us, seal us and reveal to us who He is. We do not need to be seen, heard and loved, yet again by another person, what we need is to die to ourselves and live for Him who sees us, hears us and loves us. We need to repent of humanistic Christianity and return to biblical Christianity.