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    The Sowers Being Established As Reapers!
    Posted on 1 February 2017 by Barbara R Thomas

    The SOWERS have now been established as the REAPERS! Supernatural provisional release has been established!

    Uncontainable blessings for the work of the LORD! So much is taking place and not all is good. Now for those that are in a daze as to what is truly going on you can stop reading and go to another post because I’m about to release what the Spirit has given me and some things will be hard to receive if you don’t have an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying now to the Church.

    God is removing the monuments, the golden calves, the men and women who we have set themselves up as a god, those who have allowed the people to make them idols, and have allowed them to worship them.

    There is a scattering that is taking place. God is scattering His seeds, His anointed vessels, into different parts of the earth to bring the word of God.

    He is breaking up the monopoly that certain preachers have upon the Body of Christ, to bring in a fresh wind of His Word.

    Death has been given an assignment according to the word, to bring forth the last hours according to scripture. Some things shall happen. Some lives shall be lost. Some, we will be able to pray about and turn them. Some will be settled and must come to pass! Be sure you are hidden in Christ.

    There are a remnant of vessels who are assigned voices. What they speak, shall surely come to pass.

    There will be no error in their words. They will be looked upon as troublemakers and will be scorned, because their assignment is to bring forth what is not pleasing to the flesh and carnal mind.

    They will confront and challenge the people in their sins and iniquities. People will say they are unfeeling and unloving, but God shall use them like the apostles and prophets of old. They will rebuke correct and not compromise. They will stand and cry out against evil and hypocrisy and will not back down!

    I keep hearing the Spirit of the LORD scream, “Jezebel, Jezebel, Jezebel, must be destroyed now!”

    Many are operating in this spirit, trying to control what is spoken and what is done in the Body of Christ. They are attacking the men and women with the word of the LORD and attempting to bully people into submission to her witchcraft and control. Throw Jezebel down now!

    There shall be an uprising in the Body of Christ against God’s true prophets right now.

    Many will be chased out of churches, but God will have you proclaim His word in the streets. Truth shall be heard but not accepted, concerning the things that shall come upon the earth.

    Many have failed to heed the warnings of the LORD and will be shaken by the death, destruction, calamities and disasters. They are not prepared for the attacks against mankind, where there shall be mass slaughters.

    Churches shall close at a alarming rate and the people shall be disillusioned, because their trust was in man and not God.

    Don’t be alarmed. God will direct and guide you.

    Some will have to flee the cities they are in, when the people find out the extent of their betrayal as leaders. Not all moving is because God is transitioning them, some are leaving because of guilt and shame.

    Surprise attacks in nations will come from unlikely sources.

    Nations which have been planning attacks secretly, will now join forces and attack other nations through terrorism and hate. There will be more political surprises coming forth, hidden agendas will be exposed and secret allies with enemies will be revealed.

    The CIA & FBI will come under heavy attacks of accusations, some true, some false, but they will be scapegoats to cover up something more sinister and alarming concerning the United States and secret agreements.

    People, prepare. For I heard the sound of WAR moving across the earth. Different countries shall engage in battles in the next three years. Learn more survival tactics for this hour.

    This is an hour of purging and deliverance of God bringing forth what’s hidden in us.

    Those who won’t surrender to the process, shall experience hard deliverance in this hour.

    God shall allow the men and women of God to bring the word of deliverance. They will not overlook the flaws or secret things that we have kept hidden and refused to deal with.

    They will rebuke us in our folly and challenge us to surrender to the will of God. Some will be openly rebuked because they refuse secret deliverance. Those who are used by God to openly rebuke, will be labeled unkind, unfeeling, unloving, but the correction is necessary to save the soul!

    Many will be hidden from their enemies in this hour, as God is doing a work with them.

    You won’t be tracked by those who want you gone! A remnant of Glory Carriers are coming forth to change the atmosphere of the Church. So many are in a hour of outpouring right now. God is anointing them with a supernatural power and authority to bring forth His Glory that will produce miracles, that will be uncontested and undeniable.

    Death will be defeated as God uses vessels to bring back to life those who experience untimely deaths.

    Church, get ready!

    People, invest. Buy land. Invest in silver and gold. Watch the economy. Don’t put your trust in these banking systems.

    Watch the stock markets. Know when to buy and sell. Know when to pull out.

    I keep hearing, “Crash and Collapse.” It will work for the good. Something is being set up for a overthrown and the wealth will transfer hands.

    Prepare sowers, distributors, financial strategists, economists, the people will need your expert advise, from not only your natural ability, but also your Kingdom wisdom, so that God’s people will be spared!

    Judgment has truly begun at the house of God. He is moving to restore the standards of His holiness and Word.

    He is pruning and releasing, firing and replacing. The Body of Christ is being seriously shaken by scandals and sin, but it’s not to discredit the Church, but to bring it into alignment once again.

    As things unfold and secret lives are revealed, don’t allow these things to move you.

    Remain steadfast in the Word, doing the will of God with all diligence.

    Stay faithful to your calling, as God is looking for faithful vessels to pour His Spirit upon.

    Get away from those things who displease the LORD. Stay away from those persons who are living lives of sin. Don’t let anybody speak in your life that is walking in divination and don’t let people living unrighteous lives lay hands on you and transfer spirits.

    Come out from among them and separate yourselves. Call sin what it is, and don’t be lukewarm. Have no part of the works of darkness. Live Holy live righteous live in Christ.

    Please be in prayer, as the LORD speaks through His chosen vessels at this time.

    Know the voice of God and what He is saying. Take heed to the warnings and instructions.

    In this hour, prepare yourselves through much fasting and praying. Let your discernment be sharpened, as well as your spiritual hearing and eyesight.

    Listen for the voice of God and obey Him. Be attentive to the words being spoken. Don’t be distracted by the things taking place.

    Those who know their God shall live and not die, but shall declare the works of the LORD.

    This week is a week of establishment, visitations, impartations and deliverance.

    Complete the process. Grow in the LORD and remain strong, as you wait on the LORD to perform His word.

    ~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

    Ron McGatlin



    I think we need to pray for Hillary and Bill’s salvation and deliverance, including their daughter and all those connected with them.

    Ron McGatlin

    Yes, Jane, some time ago I believe the Lord caused me to see that Bill and Hillary never intended to be become as they have. I believe they got drawn in and connected with spirit forces working in strong people that promised to help them become great rulers. Soon they were in over their heads and could find no way out. One small thing needed to be covered and a larger thing would be required to cover that on and then that led to more until they were tied into stuff they did not ever imagine. They truly do need the Lord to lift them above and beyond and set the free from the entrapment. That is just my thoughts on some of the Clinton issue.


    Agree! And we are called to help them to be set free.

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