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    Even in the deepest darkness I will be with you because you have known and trusted in My name. I am yours even if you walk away, I will always be there for you waiting and expecting your return. I will never let you go because I have called you forth as Mine even before the foundation of the earth. Before I created the universe I knew you and longed for when you would know Me and would be Mine.

    I love you with the fiercest of loves, a ferocious fervency I have for you. I will protect you from all harm like a lion would protect her cubs. This is the end of the age and many are falling away. They have been chasing after other gods but I have entrusted in you the truth of My word. I have embedded it deep within your heart and you will never fall away. You have a deep discernment of what is of Me and what isn’t.

    You have longed for My intimate touch upon your heart so that you would go deeper in Me. I have opened up My floodgates of glory and am ready to pour them out upon you. You will receive My authority, My power, to trample down powers and principalities just by calling out My name and worshiping Me.

    I am your God and you are My people and I am ready to do a mighty work through you. I am giving out My marching orders and placing you in rank with teams with assignments I have you to do. I am repositioning My people in this very hour and giving you one new to you in command.

    I am the Captain of the hosts of heaven and I am calling you to attention. This is the final hour and I am pouring out My power. In order to receive you must humble yourself and dwell in My secret place. Seek My face and not My hand. Be still and know that I am God and that I know all and in control of all.

    Be very sensitive to My leading you how to pray.   I have given each of you an assignment to pray specifically but you must know My directives. Do not become sidetracked with issues of lesser value. Time is of the essence. There is a perfect timing to call forth and to tear down, when to snatch out of the fire and when to leave in for I am the Master Potter and My burning love is molding you into My image.

    Seek Me and wait patiently for Me to move and trust Me. Walk by faith and not by sight. Sense My presence for I am with you always. Walk and talk with Me in the cool of the day. Be with Me. Know Me. Love Me for I am your God.

    Kimberly Fowler


    stefan gesler

    True!  One former prophet, Rita Meece, expressed it as  “be extension of Me“.

    1Co 6:17  But the one being joined to the Lord is one spirit.

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