The Way Out Is In!

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    The Way Out Is In!

    by Lonnie Mackley  Oct. 13th, 2018

    The Lord showed me a picture of someone and you have been seeking Him with all of your heart for years on end, and you have endured such testings, trials, and humblings, so that now things have been reduced to pretty much just you and God and your determination to see this through. You have had brief moments when things seemed to finally open up a bit so you went for it, but then things fell through again and you went back to just accepting that things will never change and feeling and thinking you are just cursed and nothing will ever get better for you. But that is actually not the case at all, and God wants you to know that there will be no more steps back!

    You have been trudging through your life and God’s preparation and purification process for so long that you don’t know what a normal happy life would even look like. But just like Joseph who was also looking for a way out you have unknowingly reached a level of spiritual maturity where God has decided you are ready to be released into the main calling that you were born for. You have endured much and you haven’t given up even though everything was screaming at you to just stop believing, pack things in, and go your own way; but like Peter when Jesus asked him whether he would leave like the others, you affirmed your commitment to Him and pressed on.

    God knows you have been desperately looking for a way out of your wilderness and the pain and torment you have suffered for so long, and He is giving you an answer today; “The way out is in!” and by that He means that as you earnestly press in to a deeper level and seek Him in the Spirit with all of your heart He will show you the path and open door out of this. It is time for you to walk free from your dungeon of preparation and to walk into this last harvest full of the Holy Spirit and power! So rather than looking for a way in the flesh to escape your tough situation, go deeper in the Spirit and God’s plan will be revealed to you like the dawn finally rising from a long dark night.

    PR. 4:18 The path of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, shining ever brighter till the full light of day.

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