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    Ron McGatlin
    By David Kloefkorn

    I was recently sent a video concerning the release of 5g. That this 5g was one step down from being a weapon. All having to do with frequencies. It was very interesting. When I worked for RadioShack in Cheyenne I met a guy that worked on cellular towers. He shared his concern about the then 4g he was installing and spoke of the next tear  {5g} to come. Contemplating on the information I thought of the enemy, after all he (Satan) is the prince of the power of the air.

    However, is this his way of destruction or just more deception that he would cause us to be found between the altar and the porch with our backs to the temple (more concerned with earthly ploys then heavenly truth and revelation). Or will we be found in the temple, our treasuries being filled with the living word of God (our desire toward and trust in Him) Luke 18:8.

    Not concerning ourselves with wars and rumors of wars KNOWING that lawlessness will abound. But enduring to the end, the end of ourselves (salvations complete work). AND THIS GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM WILL be preached in the whole inhabited earth for a TESTIMONY to ALL nations, THEN and only then will the end come. That you can be saved is NOT the complete work of the gospel (it is the door). But the gospel of the kingdom is the complete work (they that hear my voice). (Psalm 19, Dan 9, Matt 24, Luke 17, John 10, Rev 7 and 13) all hold timely and very present insight and understanding. (Jeremiah 9:23-25, Dan 12:3, 7, 10, 12). May we look to the highest heaven, that we might come as did Isaiah into complete alignment with the throne.

    I began meditating on Isaiah 6 in the days when king Uzziah died I saw the lord, (when his Earthly dependency died) I was cleansed (coal to the lips) and lifted up into the complete work (the whole earth was filled with His glory) of the lord in his life. Receiving the mantle (whom shall I send) to fully operate in the power of His government (send me) he came into complete alignment with the throne (your iniquity is taken away, your sin purged, expiated). Come UP and I will show you things which must be Rev 4:1.

    The problem I have with all these videos and articles concerning this virus or any other earthly thing is while they are somewhat informative and may be true, they also have tendencies to want to keep us earth bound (king Uzziah). While hearing, see that you are not alarmed, for it must happen; but the end is not yet (Matt 24:6).

    I thought of Ezekiel when the waters rose to his feet, knees and waist he was elevated in the spirit experiencing more of God’s glory which comes by Revelation (1000) revelation that comes by knowing Him not by books or study (these show us to be approved, but will not take us into the deep that calls) Ezekiel was still bound to his earthly experience. It wasn’t until the waters (the deep that calls) were so deep he was released by revelation (4000 or equal on all sides, 4 = Divine revelation) from the earthly experience into becoming completely dependent upon the lord and the depths of Him (Job 38:13-23).

    Seeing that His divine power has granted to us all things which relate to life and godliness, through the full knowledge of Him who has called us by His own glory and virtue, Through which He has granted to us precious and exceedingly great promises that through these you might become partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption which is in the world by lust.
    Therefore, brothers, be the more diligent to make your calling and selection firm, for doing these things you shall by no means ever stumble. For in this way the entrance into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will be richly and bountifully supplied to you. (2Peter 1:3, 4, 10, 11)

    In leaving the fleshly or earth bound experience (go out from this land) and continuing to move into who we were created to be before the foundations of the earth (and return to the land of your (spiritual) birth) we enter into our portion, our inheritance which is in our Father’s house (Bethel). His house of which house we are IF (qualifier) if we hold fast to the hope. If, then, become, might and may words of qualification that we must press toward the mark not settling for less. Gen 31:13, 14 / Heb 3:6.

    By faith he (Moses) left Egypt (his earthly experience) not fearing the wrath of the king (kings of the earth) but persevered as one seeing the unseen One. Heb 11:27

    I was reminded of a vision the lord gave me maybe 17 or 18 years ago. I saw a long road that was wide at its beginning but became more narrow as it went and then coming to a rounded point at its end. As I stood at the wide end I saw people stopped all along the way as I drew nearer the end.

    Toward the end I saw people falling off and froze for a moment, then the spirit took me immediately to the edge and I saw those that were seemingly falling off had actually come to the end of themselves. They were like leaves in the wind completely dependent upon the lord no longer driven by winds of doctrine nor seeking insight from earthly sources, but wholly devoted to and filled with the Christ.

    And the lord said that the many who stopped along the way could not completely give up their independence and let go of their earthly experience, but those who came to the end of themselves had always desired something more, to be completely dependent upon Me. I share these things with you with the hope that you will fully comprehend them and have the desire to enter fully into the fullness of who He is. (2Peter 1:17-19)

    Even this morning Proverbs 8:21 came once again into my spirit. Through love (agape) He (causes) us to (inherit) substance (Christ) speaks of knowing Him, overcoming, following after Him that we would receive our inheritance (Duet 26:1, 2) the fruits, the fullness, being brought up from an earthly experience into a heavenly one (take the fruit of the ground put it into a basket (basket means to weave) speaks of being woven into Christ and going to the place (John 14:3) where God will (choose) to (cause) His name to dwell. Being sealed Rev 7:3 ; Ez 9:4

    The basket is elevated into the priesthood which brings us into the governmental Kingdom of God (the land flowing with milk (abundance) and honey (substance actually sweet substance) SOS 5:10-16.

    I was taken to John 8:20 from Prov 8:21 and saw visually in John 8:20 what was by revelation in Prov 8:21. We are the temple our heart is the treasury (our time has not come) but if our desire is toward Him, our desire is completely dependent upon Him, He will bring us in, in the twinkling that we might tabernacle with Him (Rev 12:12).
    David Kloefkorn
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