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    Kimberly Fowler

    I came home from work late last night and as usual the birds and dogs were excited to see me. The dogs were crawling all over me in their excitement and I held two of the birds who were happy to see me. Then I went to bed. The dogs were still so happy to see me and were still jumping around and crawling over me in the bed. In the morning, I noticed one of my gold earrings that I had worn to work was missing from my ear. (I think either the dogs or birds may have caused the earring to come loose.) I looked over the bed for it and shook out the blankets and looked under the bed and around the house for it, but could not find it. I asked God to help me find it and stopped worrying about it, resting in God. Late tonight I picked up a bag of Almonds which I had laying on the coffee table in front of me to eat some Almonds. It is one of those bigger bags which you can reseal, so I snack on them every once in a while and leave them on the coffee table. I was eating several of them, then poured a few in my hand and started to snack on them. One felt odd in my hand and I looked down and my earring was laying in my hand. I do not remember eating Almonds when I came home late from work last night at all, but even if I had eaten Almonds, what are the chances that my earring is going to fall into the small opening at the top, and what are the chances that a light earring is going to fall below heavier almonds? (The earring is as large as the almonds but thin and delicate, so it is not likely to bury itself under the weightier Almonds.) But I do not even remember eating Almonds when I got home last night. And the bag was sealed like a ziplock bag, so it was not open for the earring to drop into it, and the bag was in the middle of the coffee table away from where I sat on the couch last night.
    I believe that God had an angel place my earring in the bag after I lost it somewhere in the house, so that I would find it again when I started eating the Almonds. The funny thing to is that when I poured the Almonds in my hand, I did not see the earring either. It was only as I was eating the Almonds one by one and I picked up the strange “Almond” and realized it was my earring! God is so good!!!


    Sherry Mohr

    That’s lovely! Made me smile; it’s like the Lord saying, “Here, I found your earing for you.” I love when He answers our prayers in such a way that we know it could only be Him that did it. God is good! It’s like He placed it right in your hand. How awesome is our God!!!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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