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    Lily Deschamps


    In a dream last week I saw colored lights hovering on the northern intersection of a street labeled 7th and Cedar. I heard myself say: “This is the Aurora Borealis” (Northern Lights). Suddenly I felt like I was being swiftly whisked upwards. There are people or angels around me, I cannot tell for sure.

    Interestingly, yesterday I read an article which stated that a number of Canadians and Americans will be able to see the Aurora Borealis this weekend. This is not a usual title that one normally sees in the headlines.



    Even though the sun is tens of million miles away, its effects extend far beyond its surface. Great storms on the sun send gusts of charged solar particles plunging and streaming out into space. If Earth is in the path of these particles, the earth’s magnetic field react. When these solar particles strike atoms and molecules in our atmosphere, they stimulate, enliven, those atoms, causing them to light up (photons). Briefly noted, it is the earth’s different atmospheric gases that give these enlivened particles colors. This is the Aurora Borealis which is typically seen in the far northern regions of the Arctic Ocean; namely Canada, Alaska, Russia, Scandinavia, Greenland and Iceland. But displays can also extend down in a southern direction.


    In this case, this is a dream that is coming to pass in real life. But most importantly on a higher level of understanding, these colorful Northern Lights symbolize Light that emanates from GOD’s Throne (Rev.4:3); it also symbolize Christ’s colorful New Rainbow Covenant (Rev.10:1). The earth’s sun symbolizes the Sun of Righteousness whose Light powerfully enlivens, quickens, the spirit man, on a subatomic level and more finite than that yet; a level that Science is presently unable to measure. The colors of the Northern Lights also represent colors of the tabernacle and symbolize an interactive, creative, pattern of existence and communication between heaven and earth, between the spiritual and earthly body, between GOD and man. In the dream, the location of 7th and Cedar street symbolizes direction and position. The number 7 biblically symbolizes perfection and completion. In this case, it represents one who is prepared and ready to be quickened into perfection by the living Word and Jesus Christ’s completed works at Calvary. Interestingly Cedar, overlaid with gold, formed the tabernacle walls. Cedar was used because it had a tenacious root structure, it was firm, its life was long, it was resistant to insect infestation, and it had endurance as a building material. The Hebrew word for a cedar tree is ʾerez a word derived from the primitive root ʾâraz. It means to be firm, to stand strong; in this case like a Cedar Tree. Cedar overlaid with gold symbolizes the inner tabernacle and is comparable to the quickened New Covenant man biblically defined as a beautiful Tree of Righteousness overlaid with GOD’s awesome glory. “Do you not know that you are the temple and the Spirit of GOD resides in you?” (Apostle Paul).

    Jesus Christ, through the quickening Word and Holy Spirit wants to quicken, to enliven, GOD’s Sons and Daughters in their inner tabernacles. And like the exploding, streaming, solar particles that create the stunningly beautiful Northern Lights, one must be firmly planted and positioned (7th street and Cedar) to receive His powerful Light: the true Light. Be immersed in the Word, be expectant, believe and receive all that He wants to bestow upon you as a New Testament heir. At the right time you will reap the heavenly benefits. Do not give up on GOD, your loving FATHER. HE has not given up on you.  Praise the Lord!

    Keep the Faith,


    Clu Monroe

    I love the Northern Lights. Saw them once a long time ago in Maine.

    What a wonderful vision and message our Father gave you. Praise Him indeed…




    Lily Deschamps

    They are spectacular.

    Thank you Clu.

    Love and Light with Praises in Christ. Suzanne

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