I am not a genie!

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    Word from the Lord
    “My Spirit has been quenched in many churches. I have been bound by programmes and religous people. There are some who have treated me like a genie in a lamp, as in Aladdins lamp. They contain me in the bottle of their understanding and perception. They expect me to be like the genie, coming out of the bottle at their demands to fulfill their desires and requests, then to go back into the bottle. But the Lord would say “Enough is enough!”.
    I am the God of Elijah, I am the God of Jacob, I am the Sovereign Lord. No more will I tolerate being quenched and my Spirit treated like a genie. I have sent my servants to these churches where I am quenched and they have been rejected and despised, some even shown the door. Thus saith the Lord, “To those who have despised me, I will despise their works and their ways. They will turn to me and find a deaf ear. Inasmuch as they have done to those whom I have sent, they have done unto me. For it was my Spirit that sent them.”


    stefan gesler

    Thank you Bro. for publishing. Exceptionally clear message about something that every

    spiritually alive Christian has noticed; gradual <span data-dobid=”hdw”>degeneration</span>. Thank you God for warning!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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