Here I come, ready or not!

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    The Lord gave me this word awhile back but felt I need to share it at this time. Enjoy.


    For My glory will be poured out upon all the earth. Yes, My Spirit will be poured out upon all flesh. I will open and expose My heart to all. For all to see, hear, taste, know and feel. For truly then they will know the Father. Yes, My heart will be opened fully and for all mankind to have. My creation came out of My heart and I breathed My Life into them. It is time for all to partake. To be free from everything. If My children would understand how much I love them. How My HEART yearns for them. How many times I wanted to come in My fullness but I set a time in eternity for that – AND that is soon. My fragrance has been released. Breathe it in. Allow it to embrace you. I am so jealous for you. Listen- the time is so short. Soon and very soon you will be so excited because I am coming and I am so excited because I can finally embrace ALL My kids. I don’t want any left behind. Oh, I am getting excited talking to you about it. I rejoice over you with JOY. I DANCE over you.I SHOUT over you and…OH WOW!!! Oh, I love you so much. Look every day and I’ll show you things that were secret. I am going to give you My “little tid-bits” of information that will cause you to laugh. Just between you My children and Me. Watch for it! Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha. I am already getting happy.I can’t wait. Can you? HOPE NOT CAUSE I’M COMING- READY OR NOT


    Ron McGatlin

    Amen! Thanks for sharing.

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