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    Ron McGatlin

    In the Throne Room with Jesus

    In prayer, I was met by the Spirit of the Lord who caught me up in Himself. I was surrounded and held by Him. Peacefully, gently, expectantly, we rose through Earth’s atmosphere into the expanse of space, where I saw sentinel angels standing guard at their posts in the cosmos. They were tremendous beings, stationed at varying intervals as we drew closer and closer to Heaven. Even more powerful and immense than can be imagined, each mighty sentinel angel held their position of protection with ease. Although diligently watching for danger, they were not uneasy in the least.

    Finally, we broke through into the throne room of Heaven. I knew we had been expected, for Jesus’ eyes searched for mine. He was standing next to the Father’s throne with one hand resting on a finial on the back of the throne. In that moment, all else was still except Him. He was as I have always seen Him but for the mighty wind that emanated from His being, as if He were a terrific storm. Although visibly heavy, His robes blew out around Him and the train of His robe – about 15 feet – wafted in all directions, blending into the clouds of the Presence that hovered above the imperceptible foundation of the room.

    The Bear and the Lion

    I was so happy to finally witness the magnificent luminance of the throne room again. It was peaceful and joyous – celebratory, yet earnest. Jesus motioned with His hand for me to come closer to the throne. As I did, I beheld a powerful brute of a bear as it raced in. Upon him rode a woman who wore a crown. In one hand, she held the reins of the bear, while in the other she carried an unfurled Christian flag glistening white, red and blue. The dauntless pair rode as if to battle, which became more apparent by the golden sword blazing with fire above them. This was the sword of the Lord.

    Suddenly, my focus shifted to a lion who peered out sheepishly from behind the throne of God. Though small, he was not a cub. The maneless creature was timid, but my spirit was delighted he was there. In the next moment, I saw a vision of the animal in the future, fully grown, potent and intrepid. His head was crowned with a magnificent mane as he roared powerfully into the atmosphere.

    Unexpectedly, I realized that the lion and bear represented the churches in England and Russia. Consequently, my thoughts shifted to America. As the first two churches had been presented as their animal counterparts, I searched the room for the American eagle, but to no avail.

    My eyes were captivated by the rolling waves of the Spirit which hovered all through the place as if the waves themselves were a living being. I put my hand out to touch them and was met with peace and serenity. As I did, I saw that, from behind the throne, a giant bowl of liquid gold was being poured into the clouds of the Spirit as it flowed out through them.

    The Woman Clothed in White

    Finally, a most beautiful woman entered into the presence of the Lord. With stateliness and tranquility, she marched close to the throne. She possessed long, dark, thickly braided hair, adorned with precious flowers and a golden crown. She was dressed in splendid robes in layers of white chiffon and wore a thinly braided gold sash around her waist. For just a moment, I thought she was Lady Liberty come to life. Though it was a brief vision, I knew she was the American church I’d been looking for. (Photo via pxfuel)

    As the bowl of gold was delivered to her, she reached out and took it into her hands. She then lifted it above her head and poured it over herself. Finally, she took it to her mouth and began to drink. A sorrowful wince of pain rushed across her face. She clutched her stomach and bent over in pain. Instantly, several similarly dressed women surrounded her. As if it were a magnificent, well-rehearsed dance, they moved into their intended places and comforted her as if she were in labor. Knowing just what to do, the ladies removed her crown and robes. They even cut away her long hair.

    Keenly, I searched her, expecting her to appear less attractive. Instead, she was instantaneously engulfed by a glorious cloud of gold and amber fire. She appeared inhuman, yet was clearly a woman glorious to behold. She was a church consumed with revival fire!

    Still wrapped in His mighty tempest, Jesus moved from His position with the Father for the first time. Tenderly, He approached the woman transformed into glory-flame and drew near to comfort her. As all eyes in the throne room watched, He swathed her in His beautiful robe, proceeding to embrace her in His arms. He then drew back to position His crown upon her head and placed His forehead against hers. For some time, they stood in this way – an embrace of wind and fire. It looked like Pentecost!

    The Churches of Russia, England and America

    As the vision ended, I understood that the bear represented the Lord’s church in Russia, who is standing watchful and ready to protect what God is bringing forth in America. Earnestly and eagerly, it anticipates the arrival of the labor and delivery. As for the Lord’s church in England, though currently timid, it is also expectant for what is to be birthed from America. As it embraces and defends the American church, they will once again be transformed into the roaring lion set ablaze with bold tenacity, which is its true character!

    Historically, Russia has been a stalwart protector of Christianity. At times, this strength has caused it to become unyielding to the Lord’s leading. Yet, as they’ve come through nearly a century of great fire, they have been purified from the dross encroaching on their passionate hearts. They now hear and see much more clearly and are eager to surrender to the Spirit’s leading.

    England, who’s history is one of unwavering support and protection of true Christianity, in spite of being surrounded by opposition and deception, has grown timid in recent years, coerced by the intimidation from within their nation. Yet, this Church still stands with Christians in America and, despite its fears, will embrace and protect what God is bringing forth from the suffering in America.

    As for America, what seems like our destruction will birth our greatest hour. The answer to prayers prayed from millions of saints over hundreds of years will emerge. Truly, our greatest hour as a nation will not come from what we consider to be our greatness. Instead, it will arrive as we surrender our burdened hearts to a loving God. Letting go of past glories and seeking the heart of our Beloved afresh, the American church has a destiny. The Lord will not relent until we come to the throne, heart in hand, surrendered to becoming all He calls us to be.

    From the birth of this nation until this present day, there has not been one thing we’ve endured that God was not expecting. Our enemy’s attacks against us have been anticipated by the Father. Though the enemy thinks he has the whole world in the palm of his hand, his attacks against the Lord’s beloved will be utilized by God to bring about the glorious outcome He intends for us.

    Our God is the One who truly holds the world in His hands, and only in surrendered trust can we embrace our call. Turning our eyes away from all else and setting our gaze again toward the Lord Jesus, being consumed by the glory of Heaven’s realm, we will be changed – transformed as a woman in labor, giving birth once again to eternity’s outpouring and Heaven’s victorious invasion of Earth. As a church consumed by Heaven’s fire, we will be held in the arms of our Lord Jesus the Messiah, and embraced by His RUSHING MIGHTY WIND – the outpouring of the Holy Spirit!

    We are about to give birth to the promised revival for which we’ve waited for over 100 years. All the past glorious outpourings of His presence will pale in comparison to the fire He will impart in this hour.

    Ready or Not

    After writing out this vision, I heard a song on the radio that affected my spirit: “Ready Or Not” by Hillsong United. Then, Holy Spirit brought that day’s date (6/16/2020) to my attention. I knew it was a message of significance.

    The number six primarily signifies the number of man and is often associated with something negative, as if to say man is a negative. However, in this instance, it is definitely something good, because of the subsequent numbers. Everything God has made is good and, even though man has been corrupted by our carnal nature, we can never lose sight of the Designer’s love for us. Man is weak, but God’s love is unrelenting. We are leaving the “sixth day” of man’s weakness and are about to realize what the “seventh day” feels like. Death gives way to life, blindness gives way to sight, sorrow makes way for exponential joy! (Photo via Piqsels)

    The number sixteen in the Bible is symbolic of love, or loving, and Christians being perfected by GOD’S LOVE. For about 2,000 years, we’ve struggled since the days of the early church to recapture the inexhaustible joy and freedom they experienced. Yes, we were promised persecution, but we were also promised VICTORY! We tried to attain the fruit of the Spirit while kicking out the Holy Spirit, whose fruit we desire.

    Ready or not, the Holy Spirit is coming, and He’s not the “gentleman” many have described Him as. Truly, He is FIRE and STORM unlike the world has ever known. Are you ready… or not?

    Lastly, in the Bible, the number 20 represents a completed cycle and is often connected to the completed time of waiting, labor and struggle. Jacob waited 20 years to be released from Laban’s control and was finally released to become the nation God intended him to be. As a Church, we’ve labored under the spirit of Laban, trying to work within the confines of its control and manipulation while it has kept us under its power and used us to work for it.

    The name Jacob means to supplant and truly, the time has come to supplant and replace the spirit of Laban (control through manipulation) and surrender control back to the King of kings! Don’t you agree? It’s time we threw off the labor of Laban and give birth to an outpouring of the Spirit! IT’S TIME! It’s time to throw off fear and intimidation, control and manipulation and give birth! IT’S TIME!

    SEEK YE FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS AND EVERYTHING ELSE WILL FALL INTO PLACE. Surrender to the Lamb and put your trust in Him! Throw off worry – don’t let it control you anymore. Embrace the Holy Spirit and don’t be afraid, for the Lord will cover you. Turn away from the world’s distractions of manipulation and fear and bury yourself, all your burdens and fears, into the adoring face of your well-loved Bride Groom. Turn your eyes upon Jesus; look full into His wonderful face. He is waiting for you.

    Pray this with me: Glorious Father, we seek Your face and want desperately for Your glory to be poured out in this world. Please, Father, have mercy on us. Pour Your Spirit out on us again as You did on Pentecost. Forgive us our sins and help us to forgive others. Bind us to Your will and do with us as You will. Help us to love You and worship You as You deserve. We love You!

    Victoria Boyson
    Victoria Boyson Ministries

    Email: victoria@boyson.org
    Website: http://www.victoriaboyson.com

    Victoria Boyson is the founder of Victoria Boyson Ministries and Women of the Spirit. She is dedicated to raising up an army of powerfully equipped Believers who will revolutionize their world and bring in the harvest. Victoria is passionate about the Church operating in the extraordinary authority Christ won for them and to awaken Believers to their victorious reality. Through revelations of the Holy Spirit and the Word, she and her family are breaking down strongholds which have kept the Church from fully realizing the Great Commission. Victoria travels and speaks throughout the US. Based out of the Houston, Texas area, she lives with her husband and together they have 4 grown children. She is the author of Revolution: The White Horse Rider, God’s Magnum Opus: The Value of a Woman, Awakening: The Deep Sleep, His Passionate Pursuit: God’s Passion to Captivate Your Heart and The Birth of Your Destiny.

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