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    Yolanda Ballard


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    “Be still and know that I AM God and that I will be with you through the storm, through the fire, and through the flood.

    You might say, “What must I do to be saved, to be free from all torment and despair?”

    Draw close to Me in the secret place and know that all things work together for your good and for the good of your loved ones if you have committed them into My care.

    Believe that I use all things to conform you into My Image. When I allow the fires, the floods, and every other type of adversity, I AM only allowing you to be able to test My Faithfulness so you will see that I AM with you always even to the end of time.

    You need to know Me by My attributes. Learn of Me and see what I can do through My Miracle working power how I’ve helped others through My Word.

    My Word and Faith in it are your greatest commodity. It isn’t your money that can save you from all harm or to buy your health.

    You can see those who’ve had great wealth and still died through much adversity and disease. When it is your time to go, only faith in My Faithfulness to save will get you through where you need to go.

    Many do not yet know of My Faithfulness to save. Yes, this is the day to know Me that I AM the great I AM and there is no other.

    What must you to do to be saved?

    Yes, know Me and love Me and trust Me as your Father. I gave My all that you would be saved.

    Receive My Love and My Faithfulness this day. Rest in Me, draw close to Me, and know that I AM closer than a brother, and that I will never leave you till the end of time.

    Faith is being faithful and knowing Me not just knowing about Me. You grow through relationship with Me not through having head knowledge. You must have heart knowledge by seeing and receiving My goodness and My Love.

    Taste and see that I AM good. I pour out My miracle-working Power upon you every day. My Grace is sufficient to save.

    Yes, be still and know Me and love Me. Lay your head upon My Breast and hear My Heart beating for you. Know that My Love for you enabled Me to endure great suffering.

    That great love I have for you alone took Me to The Cross for you, and that same Love will bring Me back for you to take you home with Me.We will ride upon white horses with you by My side. We will conquer all for My Kingdom reign. Yes, I AM your King and you are My Bride and forever will be.

    Take one step forward trusting Me and know the end of the story, says your LORD and King. I AM coming soon. Be ready!”



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