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1. Prophecy, Revival, and Ministry, PRaM 

By Ron McGatlin

When I asked the Lord what He wanted to say to His people today I received the title above and was then led to add the acronym for it “pram.” The dictionary revealed to me the meaning of “pram” as a baby carriage.

Wow! Suddenly I saw clearly what the Holy Spirit was revealing.

Probably America and the western world has had and continues to have more personal prophecy, revival, and ministry (PRaM) in our churches, and especially in our charismatic-style congregations, than at any other time or place in history. Yet, our cultures and our societies seem to be eroding rapidly into the disorder of ungodliness.

Much of the weekly Sunday services in churches and Sunday school teachings seem to be a carriage for babies that never grow up and carry themselves on their own spiritual legs out into spiritual life in the world.

Even in the more powerful “Spirit filled” church gatherings, week after week some people come in with the same disorders from their greatly troubled lives that are darkened by the continuing failures in and around their lives.

They come to receive pram (PRaM) that cleans and clears them up with enough spiritual nourishment to start another week. Only to come back the next Sunday with the same needs that they had last week.

The current church systems of clergy ministering to laity have become the lifeline for immature believers to continue to exist without maturing.

Therefore, rather than the believers changing the world, they often live in a defeated position from the influence of the fallen world around them.

Changing the System

The system needs to be changed. Unfortunately changing the system seems to be impossible from within the system. Apparently an entirely new system must replace the old.

Actually the current system of pram does work to care for spiritual babies and carry them about. It just lacks the ability to mature true spiritual sons and daughters who can rule and reign in this world by Christ within them by the Holy Spirit. Having that ability could move the culture and society of this world toward the real Kingdom of God.

The pram or baby carriage work is vital to care for the growing children of God and only needs to be improved to continue to do that important work of God while realizing that someone or something else must become the source of getting the people out of the pram and into the reality of the kingdom of God in this world.

God’s Spirit Intervention of LOVE and POWER Now

The ingredient for change of the system is the LOVE of God exploding into the hearts and lives of the children empowering them to get out of the baby carriage and into mature holy intimate love relationship with God that strengthens them with all that is needed to change the world around them, no longer waiting for someone to coddle them and carry them around as babies.

Truly becoming one in love with God causes His desires to become our desires. His strength becomes our strength to stand and align our lives to the will and ways of God. Thus we become His powerful agents of change in this world.

There can no longer be a two-class system of clergy and laity beyond the nursery. The love of God will not cause or continue forever to allow the stunted growth of believers to rob the world of the mature kingdom of God on earth.

Prophecy without the purity of REAL love is damaging, controlling, and even deadly. It is like an abusive parent planting bad seeds in the lives of children.

Revival without the purity of real love is like a harlot providing good feelings that provide a temporary fix and excitement to the senses. It may boost the ego for a moment but robs the people of the reality of kingdom.

Ministry without the real love of God is like the people visiting a doctor with need for cure and only getting pain relieving drugs that temporarily feels better but does not cure the depth of the real problem.

The intimate connection into oneness with the REAL LOVE of God is the source of POWER to change and mature us into full grown sons and daughters of God who bring forth the real kingdom of God in every area of life and being on earth.

The Wisdom of God

By the wise design of God, all of creation and life is designed to move all mankind toward becoming one with God and His rule on earth as it is in heaven, in full accordance with the purposes and ways of God.

For the people who love God and are serving according to His purpose, ALL THINGS on earth work together for good.

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28.

Do you suppose that “all things” really means all things? How can it be that persecution, violent storms, and earthquakes work together with mercy, grace, faith, hope, and love?

To the natural human mind and ways of thinking, that just cannot be right.

Only in pure love relationship with God can the truth be fully revealed into our pure hearts. Only from the perspective from the high and lofty place where the humble abide with God in intimate relationship with Him can these things be seen with clarity. (Isa 57:15)  (1 Cor 2:10-11).

We can never understand these things until we are so in tune with God’s heart that we can perceive His purpose in this world for mankind and our part in His plan.

As long as we think as a child, we will speak and act as a child. If we believe we are to be carried about by the church ministry (pram) and that our primary and first purpose is to be pram to others, we may not yet be called according to the first and primary purpose of God on earth. (1 Cor 13:11).

Therefore, we may not be able to know that ALL THINGS really do work together for our good.

The Purpose of God

The purpose of God is the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven. Our part is, through maturity of love, to establish His kingdom from heaven on earth, thereby showing His magnificent GLORY of the beauty of His holiness to all creation and fulfilling His heart with perfect love in thankful worship and loving obedience reflected back to Him in an eternal loving relationship with Him.

Clearing the Land

New Jerusalem is the ruling city of the kingdom of God coming from heaven to earth.

The city of God from heaven, New Jerusalem, cannot rest upon land occupied with ruling cities of darkness. The land must be cleared to make room for the city of God.

The hearts and lives of the people on earth must be cleared of darkness to make room for the New Jerusalem Kingdom City to be formed in us from heaven. The kingdom must first reign in our lives and then in the natural world.

Clearing land is not a pleasant thing for that which is already on the land. There is a tearing down of the old before the building up of the new. There is always a death before there can be a resurrection into greater new life. The tearing down works together with the building up. The death works with the resurrection.

God is able to deliver us through the new birth of the kingdom. The world is travailing in the pangs of birth of the fully resurrected world beyond the cleansing of the land in preparation for the kingdoms of this world to be fully and completely the kingdom of our God.

Praise God! The kingdom of God is at hand, and we get to be a part of it!

Time to figuratively go and sell all that we have and follow Christ Jesus through the cleansing to the New Jerusalem Kingdom of God life now available in His people who truly LOVE Him.

Ron McGatlin

2. COMMAND THE DAY! Divine Convergence Part 3

By Henry J. Falcone

Beloved of the Lord,

This morning September 9, 2017 as I am listening to the Lord, I have a prophetic worship instrumental video playing called Command the Day.

The Lord told me to look at those words, so I did. Then he said, “Look at them again, for this is what I am speaking to you today. COMMAND THE DAY!”

Lord, what does that mean? Immediately I had thoughts of Jesus telling us to walk in our kingdom authority and take dominion on the earth as He did. Since hurricane Irma is going to impact our state, I thought of getting up and speak to that storm, “peace be still” as Jesus did.

I had initial thoughts of releasing the miracle power of God race through my mind. I have been waiting with anticipation to see the Kingdom of God in full maturity and glory in his sons and daughters.

I believe that is part of what the Lord wanted me to grasp in the term Command the Day, but that was not the focal point. I know those initial thoughts were the fruit of what He was trying to tell me but not the root. There is vastly different meaning of that term God wants to reveal to us so we can grow in genuine Kingdom reality and maturity.

Meaning of the Word Command

The word command from Webster’s dictionary has many traditional meanings that we all know. As I prayed, The Holy Spirit quickened just one definition out of them for the purpose of this post.

The word command means: “to overlook or dominate from, as if from a strategic position! As if looking down at a city from a high place in the mountains.” That is a powerful definition.

Recently, God has been showing me His divine convergence coming to the USA. He is moving strategically in each area of the nation to bring forth the Father’s will. He has positioned the Holy Spirit to do three different works in different regions of the nation.

In the vision God gave me twice concerning this divine convergence I was “lifted up above” the map of the USA and was able to “overlook” what the Lord was about to do. I didn’t understand why that was important until he said Henry, “Command the Day!”

Beloved, His desire is to bring forth a divine shift in our nation’s future. He has heard the cry of those who have been praying 2nd Chronicles 7:14, and He is answering the remnant warriors who have been interceding in secret for our nation.

He is now bringing an outpouring of His Glory winds from the Northwest USA. He desires to bring forth the Fire of His Holiness from the Northeast. He desires to bring forth the deluge of the Former and Latter rain from the South.

Three different movements of His Spirit at the same time to bring forth His will and purposes for His people in our nation.

Many might ask the question, “Why is he doing this?” Why three different manifestations of His Spirit upon three different geographic locations in our nation? What will it look like?

The Next Three Months:

Beloved, these are questions that can only be answered by the Lord. We will never gain the understanding of these things living in the “natural realm” of human understanding. The Lord has to bring us into our “up here” position in reality to see and hear the mysteries of His Kingdom that He is now revealing on the earth.

We must Command the Day! That word has caused a divine rumbling in my spirit, or a spiritual unrest to see the Lord in a deeper way. What is the Lord trying to teach me and show me to declare to others that is so important to us?



Overlooking the Day

The first definition of command means to overlook. We are to “overlook the day!” The word overlook means 1. To look down upon from above 2. To rise above or to see from a position or afford a view of the mountains that overlook the village.

The Holy Spirit is speaking to us that He must take us up into this “New Spiritual Position” with him so we can look down upon the events of “the day” FROM ABOVE!

Jeremiah 29:11 testifies to us that the Lord says, “I know the thoughts and plans for us, for welfare and peace, and not evil, that we would have hope in our final outcome.”

Isaiah 55:8-9: My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways,” declares the LORD. 9″For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways And My thoughts higher than your thoughts. (NAS)

Why would the Lord speak to my heart to “command the day,” since His thoughts are above our thoughts and His ways are above our ways. This means all human wisdom must die and be left down here so the Lord can lift us up as a man-child into the heavenly realm.

He must bring us into our divine new spiritual place with him of being seated with him in heavenly places. There, we are to gain the wisdom, direction and understanding of that which the Lord desires to do now upon the earth.

If we desire to walk in our Kingdom authority and to take dominion over the Earth we must be able to command the day. We must be able to overlook or look down at things on earth from above.

The Door Open in Heaven – Come Up Here!

Revelation 4:1: “After this I looked, and there before me was a door standing open in heaven. And the voice I had first heard speaking to me like a trumpet said, ‘Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after this.’”

This scripture speaks to the Lord’s intention for us to COMMAND! To be able to walk in His kingdom dominion and authority we must be able to “command the day.”

We must spiritually rise up or be lifted up, and come up through the open door in Heaven (Rev 4:1) so that we can look down to see what the Lord desires to do upon the earth.

That is why the word God gave me about the “Divine Convergence” is so important. It is important because the day of the “marriage supper of the Lamb” has begun. This day of the marriage supper of the Lamb is what the Lord desires to use to bring us up to Command the Day!

Since January 2017, God has shown me the “divine shifts” of change He has brought upon the earth already this year. There have been three of them so far. January 2, 2017, was the first one. The second was April 16, 2017, on Easter Sunday. The third shift was on September 1, 2017, after the solar eclipse had come. There is one more to be released upon the earth before the end of the year, I believe it will be in November 2017.

Each one of these shifts are to align or realign His full grown sons and daughters to bring them into a maturity where Jesus our “fully mature head” can work in them to transform the earth. He will do this through a full grown mature bride walking on the earth leaning upon her Beloved, Jesus!

Cataclysmic Transformational Change

I can’t overstate this, but the changes he is birthing now…..

This is only a portion of this article. For the full article GO HERE: https://www.openheaven.com/forums/topic/command-the-day-divine-convergence-part-3-by-henry-j-falcone/

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