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Hero School Custodian Who Selflessly Stopped Deadly Shooting Spree Identified

It should be noted that the student who died was trying to do the exact same thing—confront the gunman and get him to stop—brave actions that bought others time but ultimately ended up costing the student their life. Bowen was willing to suffer the same fate for the sake of others.

Faithwire Staff : Sep 14, 2017 :

[] School shootings are becoming all too commonplace, and yesterday there was a deadly shooting in a Washington state High School. (Photo: Joe Bowen and family/Facebook/via

One student was tragically killed while several others were injured—but it would’ve been even worse if not for the actions of several brave heroes, including a school custodian who seems to have confronted the gunman in spite of having no weapon of his own.

According to KHQ:

The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office told us about a man who stopped the shooting spree. Our partners at the ‘Spokesman-Review’ that person is Freeman High School custodian Joe Bowen.

The Sheriff’s Office says Bowen confronted the gunman and ordered him to stop firing and surrender his weapon. The gunman did pause long enough for a school resource officer to take him…

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