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    Wow! Wow! Wow!   This is such a great message! PRAISE GOD!  : )


    Right before clicking on the video I had been thinking about how interior decorating is an extension of fashion and art. This led to thinking about finding my own inspiration in the way people set up the interior decor of their homes.  I feel it was a confirmation of what Lori was sharing in her video. Praise God!

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    Stacy McCarty

    Just some notes:

    Hurricane Irma – Irma means ‘goddess of war’.

    Jezebel worshiped Astoreth/Astarte , the goddess of war and destruction.

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    Stacy McCarty


    What is the significance of Wednesday? Will keep an eye out for your posts.

    God is moving!

    Blessings to you as well!

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    Stacy McCarty

    Hi Quo! : )


    Thanks for your reply to my posts. Will keep in mind what you shared.


    Firstly, there was an earthquake in Mexico today, a 7.1, and then one was felt today, a 3.6, or last night, in Los Angeles. So things are moving and not just the earth.

    I agree with you about the Church being asleep. That’s been heavy on my heart for almost over a year now and it’s very frustrating. Sadly, people aren’t going to wake up unless God does something in their lives to wake them up and/or something major happens in this country and affects them personally. Meanwhile it’s potlucks and scrapbooking parties for the church folk! : (

    It’s good that you reached out when you felt led to.


    Per the watchtower: in my dream when I was looking at it I just felt I was being warned and that the Church,or intercessors, wasn’t doing it’s job keeping that area, or state, (or the whole country as the part I saw could have not just been a gate to Florida but the USA as well) covered in prayer.  The watchtower was abandoned and not only that but weathered and broken,rickety, and barely unusable. Mind you I COULD have used it to climb up just enough to get off the ground and be above the alligator/crocodile but not the woman/Jezebel.

    Last year in the old OH board I posted about heaviness I felt in the spirit when reading the God’s Plan for America series, by Peter Marshall and David Manuel,  and I was SO grieved for two days. Again, the second book I was reading, there are 3 in the series, was talking about revivals in the US. I noticed that these revivals would happen before/around a major event like war, economy downturn, sickness and disease outbreaks. But war part really struck me.  And here we are now with North Korea acting up.

    Keep reaching out , Quo, and I’d encourage those reading OH as well , if you feel led by the Holy Spirit to do so.





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    Stacy McCarty

    Hello Wayne and Quo,


    Knowing that Irma was coming I remembered a dream I had sometime within the last thirteen years that was set in Florida. I have no connections with Florida and never had a dream about that state or anything concerning it before so I was not sure what it was about. Though now after Irma I feel it was a call to prayer for the state but I also wonder if it was for the whole USA as it seemed there was a gateway into Florida. I’m still not entirely sure about the meaning of the dream.


    In the dream I was in marshy tall grass next to a body of water, which I felt was the ocean,at the edge of the bottom of Florida. I was standing on the edge of the marsh and there was a woman near me, dressed in white, and menacing. She meant to harm me so I turned away to get away from her and saw that there was a crocodile, or alligator (not sure what they have down in FL), and it was also wanting to harm me. I walked down the marsh to get away from them and saw what I felt was a lifeguard tower but it was in ruins. the seat was gone and there was just parts of the frame of the base, the part that is usually under the seat, and it was old and rickety. It had obviously been abandoned and had be broken down by the elements. It was also the only thing I could climb up to get away from the woman and the alligator/crocodile but it wasn’t that sturdy so I don’t think it would have saved me from the two aggressors.


    When I woke up I felt that the way the marsh was and the angle that you looked out at the ocean when standing on it I felt it was a gate. And that gate was open and not being guarded.

    The woman I felt was Jezebel, this name I don’t use or throw around as I know it’s a popular description for a spirit and sometimes I’m suspect when people use the word a lot, and she was, if I remember correctly, dressed in white.

    The alligator or croc exact meaning? I don’t know. Leviathan? I have no idea. The woman and beast?

    The fallen apart lifeguard tower meant to me a symbol of a prayer platform or watchtower/lookout. It meant to me that the gate to Florida was open and that there was no one there to pray for, close the gap for, Florida.  The lifeguard had been off duty for a very long time and the tower had mostly fallen apart  and wasn’t reliable for either life guarding or for me to climb to get off the ground away from the woman and the crocodile/alligator.

    (I think I posted the dream on the original OH board but recently using the search box brought up nothing but a blank screen and I’m not going to wade through hundreds of posts to find it.)



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