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    I watch science programs on TV about the universe, and the say that the greatest mystery for them today is dark matter. Their mathematics shows them that our visible physical world only represents 10% of the mass that must be there for galaxies and structures of galaxies to behave the way they do. The other 90% is dark matter. They are so puzzled, so mystified about this matter that they cannot see. Well, we might not be able to do the math, but we know what dark matter is! It is the spiritual part of the universe. If those brilliant astronomers and astrophysicists would only read and believe Genesis 1:1, they would know the truth about dark matter!

    You mentioned the reason that we normally cannot see the spiritual world. It is because that world operates under eternity and the physical world under time.

    Isn’t it marvelous that we, God’s children, know more than the most brilliant minds in this world can know about the universe as they stumble around in the dark? Their trouble is that they embrace atheism as their religion and start their pursuit of knowledge while embracing their first commandment, that there is no God. Wiser scientists in the past, including Einstein, believed in God. These people say they have open minds, but that commandment closes their minds.

    All wisdom and all truth is ours as we walk in the Spirit and learn the mysteries of God! Praise his holy Name!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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