Your King is Coming

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    Jacky Julyan

    I received these words from the LORD 3.52 am UK time, the words that came to me over and over again persistently were ‘The King is coming, the King is coming’ and I knew I had to write them down

    The King is coming
    The King is coming
    Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the LORD
    For at the Name of Jesus
    Every Knee shall bow
    Every Tongue confess
    That Jesus Christ is LORD

    The King is coming
    The King is coming
    He comes in power, splendour and majesty
    Crowned with honour
    The Bright Morning Star
    The King of Kings, LORD of LORDS
    The Mighty One

    The King is coming
    The King is coming
    All the angels shout hallelujah
    Blessed is He who was, who is and who is to come
    For He rides with Authority
    A double-edged sword in His Mouth
    At the breath of His Mouth shall He slay His enemies

    The King is coming
    The King is coming
    The blast of the Trumpet soundeth
    Awake! Awake Oh Zion!
    For your King arises!
    Your King comes for you
    He rejoiceth for His Bridegroom

    Your King is coming
    Your King is coming
    Dressed in splendour
    Healing in His Wings
    He dresses your wounds with love
    His Banner is above you
    “I have loved you with an everlasting love”

    Your King is coming
    Your Beloved your King Comes!
    In Power, Splendour and Majesty
    For I rejoice over the One I love
    I rejoiceth over My Beloved!
    My Bride! My Bride!
    Your King is coming!

    Be wise O My Virgins
    Be wise and fill your lamps, fill your lamps!
    Prepare ye the Way of the LORD
    For He cometh with fire to the nations
    He comes to spoil the disobedient nations
    Be Strong My Bride, Be Strong
    Prepare ye the Way, Prepare ye the Way

    Do not harken unto this world
    Turn, fix your eyes upon Me
    For I am your Beloved and you are Mine
    Turn your heart to the things above
    For your King is Coming
    Yes, Your King is Coming
    Blessed is His Name!
    O Blessed is His Name!

    By Jacky Julyan

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    Ron McGatlin

    By changing one word in this to its more accurate biblical term it becomes a thousand times more encouraging and totally real. Just change the word coming to manifesting. Read it again and each time it occurs replace the word coming with the word manifesting or present or here.

    In Scripture the Greek word parousia literally means presence or manifest.


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    Yes I have had a revelation of the word “manifesting” all weekend.

    Jacky Julyan

    Here is the recording I did this morning on ‘The King is Coming’

    Thank you for your comments but the exact words the LORD gave me three times was ‘The King is coming, The King is coming, The King is coming’.  If I changed it as you suggest then I would be changing what the Holy Spirit brought to me in the early hours this morning.

    Abraham Alademerin

    I just want to share an observation, just one perspective in 7B plus, so take it for what it’s worth. That having been said… As much as words help to convey a message, they can also get in the way of the message too. When translating a word from one language to another language, one that doesn’t have direct translation for that particular word, we are left to resort to abstract concepts/words that do a poor job conveying the “spirit” of the word as it is conveyed within in its language of origin. When God speaks a message, it is the Holy Spirit that helps us to interpret it. When we, as humans, speak a message on behalf of God, it is the Holy Spirit in others that receive and validate that message. My simple observation is that it appears to me like you were getting a big, loud, confirmatory “Amen” from Ron, but were too caught up in the words to appreciate it. This is meant as a simple observation, not a judgement in anyway. In the interest of Love, it is important that we embrace every ray of light that shines in our direction… Because you never know how long it will be until you see another one. Peace, Love, and All That… Daniel

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