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    Your Joseph Destiny Is About To Be Revealed To You!

    by Lonnie Mackley Dec. 13th, 2018

    For all of your life you have been going through things that seem different than other people. You have been held back even though you tried with all your might, while other people have glided by with seemingly little or no effort. You have sought recognition and validation which has eluded you, while others have been praised for the slightest achievement around you. You have suffered more loss, disappointment, and heartbreak over and over again, and have been put in situations where your only choice was to endure and smile while inside your heart was breaking with sorrow upon sorrow. You have felt forsaken and rejected by God and man and lived a life that has made very little or no sense most of the time. If this is you and you feel like you want to just give up and leave here then take hope today, because your “Joseph destiny” is about to be revealed to you!

    You see, Joseph went through all of these things that made him look cursed and disqualified to do anything with his life, but God was secretly preparing him all of his life through one adversity after another. Every test caused a fresh breaking in his life where there was less of Joseph and more of God living through Him. You too have gone through this and God has brought you from one hard to understand glory into another where you had no idea what was going on. Now after all of this time and preparation you are about to have your main calling revealed to you because there is a spiritual famine overtaking this world and God is going to entrust you with His spiritual grain to feed this hungry world; and like Joseph you will be full of God’s wisdom and anointing in order to accomplish all His purposes. All your pain has been meant to mature you into readiness!

    And although you have been sitting on the backside of nowhere with no one around anymore, your calling is about to call you, and you will hear it loud and clear! At first when you hear it you will be afraid to believe because you have been disappointed so many times when you hoped, but then what you hoped for didn’t happen. But this is the main show that is starting and there will be no more rehearsals; from now on it will be going forward only, and you will not be looking back anymore. This is a new day with a new life and a new beginning that you are starting, and instead of crying constant tears and sighing, you will be dancing with joy and praising God because you will see that He really was for you from the beginning and that He has given you spiritual riches that can never be taken from you. You are about to have your Joseph destiny revealed to you!

    PS 71:20 Though you have made me see troubles, many and bitter, you will restore my life again; from the depths of the earth you will again bring me up. 21 You will increase my honor and comfort me once again.

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