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    David Jones

    Hello Everyone…   The Lord had me on Open Heaven some years ago for awhile.  In July of this year, I was invited to a gathering in North Carolina and Ron McGatlin was there also.  We chatted a bit and he suggested that I come back on Open Heaven.  So after that, at the end of September and the beginning of October, the Lord confirmed to me that I should come back on, and here I am!

    In looking at the Lord for what He wanted as my first post, He took me back to Joshua 3, verse 4…  this portion, “…you have never been this way before…”(NIV).  A lot of years have gone by.  A lot of things have taken place, and a lot of things have not taken place.  Yet, what lies before us and the whole world is the single most important event in the history of the earth and mankind, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven…”  We have had innumerable words, messages, teachings, revelations, and all sorts of writings and media presented, so much so, that many have just pulled back, pulled away from it all.  The kingdom is ‘not in word, but power!’  Neither is it in YouTube Videos.  These have all had their place, but it is now time for action!  It’s time for things to move forward.

    At the beginning of 2018 we heard the word, “The Cloud Is Moving!”  And it is.  Many doubted, being unmoved by it.  The Spirit of the Lord has worked hard to get us stirred up afresh this year to come to the realization that this is the Year!  The Time Actually Is NOW!  Those with eyes to see, and ears to hear, know without a doubt what is happening.  It’s happening in the Spirit first.  And now, in the second half of 2018, physical things are beginning, both in the Kingdom and the nation and world.

    Most are focused on events that are taking place in our nation and their effect upon the world scene.  And also, many are trying to see and fit those events to the prophecy of the Bible.  Eschatology has been taken to new heights.  But like Paul, “None of these things move us…”  We are to be more focused on Jesus than ever before!  Right now we need to be ‘glued’ to the Lord as never before.  Everything is going to be shaken beyond our comprehension.  This is the very destiny moment upon which we have been waiting.  It has already begun…  no more veil…  Christ IN US, our hope of Glory!  Yeshua alone is choosing how this is happening, and He alone will reveal it to the world in His own timing.

    Events, gatherings, and divine appointments that began in July, will continue through the end of the year.  People and places are experiencing greater things in Christ.  We are being brought to a greater moment of ‘decision’.  These are our ‘final decisions’.  However, once again, it is those with the eyes and ears of the Spirit that are seeing and being impacted .  Many, many vessels have been fashioned and perfected over the years by the Master Potter.  They have been signed/sealed and are now being ‘fired’ in the ‘refiners fire’ in preparation of being brought to their places in the Kingdom.  It is now “Face-To-Face!”  These spiritual and physical events are not happening one by one, but rather they are taking place simultaneously.  Time is so short!  All of this has been, and still is… By Faith! – totally and completely by faith!  And that is the theme of these gatherings.

    No more hiding!  Birthing is taking place!  People, places, and things that have been hidden until now are being revealed, both here and to the whole world.  No introduction nor presentation will be needed.  The Lord himself will exalt these and the whole world will know clearly whom He has chosen and whom He has not.  His Trumpet Voice rings out clearly, “Rise Up!  O Sons of God!  Rise Up!!!”  A great and final Separation will take place in this.  There will not be any more mixture in God’s House nor among His people.  All will ‘pass under the Rod’, only that which is of Him, that which is His, that which He knows, will enter into the ‘new thing’ that he is doing.

    So, once again…  it is time for us to look more closely than ever before, and to seek more diligently than ever before, that we might ‘make our election and calling sure!’  Because, “We have never been this way before!”

    May the Lord bless and keep us all…   David



    Clu Monroe

    Really awesome David. Welcome back. Your re-joining this forum is not a coincidence nor a mistake, for as you imply – the time is NOW.

    I was just wondering the last few times I’ve jumped on here to read any new postings why no one seems to engage, react or reply to them any more. The enemy has definitely been having a field day of it lately, and, I believe, this is just another indication of how… “Let someone else reply.” “No one cares what I have to say.” “There’s no sense responding – who cares?” God does, and He’s watching; waiting for His pure-hearted ones to “arise and shine.”

    This is a word I received on 9/7 which I have not posted anywhere yet, but just felt compelled to share here now…

    “The day is coming when the good, My good people will have their hearts anchored in Me. And even though you jerk, tilt and reel in the turbulent seas, you will remain steady and upright because your heart is in Me as I am in you. I know the heart. It is what I desire. Purify it. Clean it. Purge it. Prepare it. It, the day is coming. I AM coming. I AM coming for pure hearts. Lift up your eyes. Lift up your pure hearts. Look for Me, not in vain, but in expectation. I delight in My pure ones, My pure hearted ones. It is not done; ‘it’ is coming.”

    For His body’s discernment. God bless.


    David Jones

    Hi Clu!  Thanks for the response!  What you shared is pretty awesome as well.  As I have just come back on Open Heaven, I wondered the same thing…  where are the responses, the interactions, where did everyone go???  2000 years ago Jesus was right there among His own, interacting!  I love Peter and Little John…  “We were eyewitnesses of His Majesty…”, “that which we have seen, touched, and handled, of the Word of Life!”  Nothing has changed.  It is the same for those whom He has discipled today.  He is among us and personally visits us, physically!  Some know it, others do not.  We are to interact with Him and with each other, we are becoming His Body, a new Body, a Kingdom Body.  Each one of us has something that all others need.  We do not live unto ourselves, we are ‘members one of another’.

    Clu Monroe

    Amen brother! We should be excited to interact with each other, because, as you say …”we are becoming His Body … ‘members one of another.'”

    Very definitely, and in this time, we SO need each other. Where one in the Body is weak, brethren can prop up, help to strengthen through prayer and support and vice-versa. The enemy wants us to disconnect, become remote and removed from each other because of this very thing. Christ’s Body being connected as we should and were created/meant to be is a threat to Satan.

    I received a 2nd word the same day as the one I posted above, which I also have not shared yet as I have been uncertain where and when to. I have asked a couple of my sisters to pray and reflect on it. If you ask it brother, I would like to share with you as well for your discernment. Speaking from one Body part to another 🙂

    In Him.

    David Jones

    Sure, Clu…  You can email me at benjamin33@newbeginningsknitwork.com

    Ron McGatlin

    Hello David and Clu,

    It seems that most folks have gone to Facebook or some other interactive social media thing. Often I post a link to the posts on this forum on the Facebook version of Voice of Prophecy Forum on Facebook.



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