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    Dorkita Urdin
    “So David inquired of the LORD, saying, “Shall I pursue this troop? Shall I overtake them?”
    And He answered him, “Pursue, for you shall surely overtake them and without fail recover all.”
    1 Samuel 30:8
    “God, your God, will restore everything you lost; he’ll have compassion on you; he’ll come back and pick up the pieces from all the places where you were scattered. No matter how far away you end up, God, your God, will get you out of there and bring you back to the land your ancestors once possessed. It will be yours again. He will give you a good life and make you more numerous than your ancestors.”Deuteronomy 30:3-5

    This got extra long, sorry! I do pray it brings confirmation and encouragement to someone today.
    “I want you to understand it’s time to get up and fight. It’s time to get up and take your weaponry, take your tools, and understand you are not entering a time of warfare right now, but a season to take back and reclaim what has been taken from you. You have gone through things in life that cost you. There were times when the enemy took advantage you. There were times when people took advantage of you. Some things you lost by accident, some through the mistakes of others, and some through your own mistakes, but it doesn’t matter. This season, I want you to understand, you are going to reclaim and recover all. You ARE going to reclaim ALL! Because, I am raising you up as a prayer warrior whose prayer language is a sound of victory needs to be heard and come out to the forefront in the earth. I want you to begin to stand up, be accounted for and raise your voice to speak that prayer, speak that decree, speak that language into the atmosphere. And when you do, you are going to see how things will bow down to you, because the Christ in you the hope of Glory is going to cause the power of your decree to shift situations to bow down before you and you are going to start seeing a reverse of the curse. That is a key phrase for you to remember this season: ‘REVERSE OF THE CURSE’. Some good things you through would never happen ARE going to happen. Some negative things you thought would happen, are NOT going to happen. Know that I am sending My Angels to you right now to STOP and make fall to the ground some situations where the enemy would try to take you down. I want you to gather the harvest together this season. Which means, I want you to begin to gather up the things I am lying at your feet and bring to you through My Favor and My Promotion that are going to radically change and revolutionize your life. It’s going to begin to literally take you to a tipping point where it will be like jumping off a cliff into the things of the Kingdom. And that means that through that, you are going to start seeing the hand of the enemy give you back the things He has stolen for you!”


    “Knowledge is power and I want you to have the wisdom you need to combat the things of the enemy. What happens if you don’t learn from mistakes? We are destined to repeat those mistakes, correct? But in this season I am halting those mistakes, halting the things of error. I am halting them as if there was a ‘stop sign’ effect going on and it cannot pass your way anymore. Because no weapon formed against you will ever prosper when it deals with those things that no longer need to be resident in your life. I am teaching you elements that will free you from these things that they will not be able to hold you back any longer. In this season, you will come forth and arise from the ashes of doubt and arise from the ashes of unbelief. And you may say ‘I trust in you Father, I believe in you’, but, Child, you haven’t seen the belief system I am about to bring you into. You haven’t seen the first love state I am going to restore to you. You couldn’t imagine and your eye has not see nor your ears have heard it. It hasn’t even entered your heart the things of hope, the things of a bright future, the things of blessings and progress that I have in store for you in your future here on Earth! I’m not talking about the sweet by and by. I am talking about here on Earth! I want to show you the manifestation, the manifold wisdom of your God working in you and through you. Sometimes you feel like you are racking your brains out trying to find out what it is in your future that you’re supposed to do, where things are supposed to go, where the road is supposed to lead you to, and what’s supposed to happen now and what was supposed to happen then. Rest in Me, because I have heard your prayers and I am pouring down My Wisdom and Revelation to begin to answer those ‘what if’ questions for you and you are going to start seeing the birth of a new higher level of creativity than you’ve ever had before that will bring you answers to your situations. My Divine Ideas are going to begin to flood to you. Ideas that are going to make you think ‘That’s a God idea right there! Only God could have given me this idea!’ That’s right…I’m about to start giving you great tremendous, powerful ideas that are going to rock your world!”


    “I am going to bless you with such a powerful favor that it’s going to take you to a place of seeing reconciliation. Reconciliation of things is going to begin to come into play for you. And through the power of My Reconciliation, you are going to start seeing things be restored back to you that you looked at and you thought, ‘There’s no way that can get back together. There’s no way that can be fixed. There’s no way that can be tied back together in the spirit.’ Oh yes! Oh, wait and see, because there are some things going to be put back and tied back together, and situations mended. There is a season of Divine Healing coming upon you and that Divine Healing process is going to begin to heal a lot of different avenues and situations to begin to change your life to the degree where you will know without a shadow of a doubt that that it is Me who is at work in your life, for neither you nor anyone else could do what I am about to do for you! It’s a season where I am going to begin to raise you up and as I raise you up I am going to begin to show you great and mighty things you know not of within yourself, within your family, and within the world around you.”


    “I have not forgotten you, My Child. Know that the Power of My Spirit is going to begin to make a lot of things move and ‘happen’ in your life. And these things beginning to happen are going to begin to transform your life slowly but steadily, like a rock beginning to roll down a hill slowly but building momentum as it goes. This is going to build a firm foundation for you, slowly but surely, and you are going to start recognizing a powerful thing is happening that is changing your life inside out. You are coming to a place where life is turning around and over for you. You need to see actual change and motion and I am bringing that motion mentality to you where no longer things are in that place of ‘I believe by Faith’ in your spirit, but at that place where you see things through My Eyes and you feel it, you know it, you smell it and you taste that your God is good in every area of your life and that His Hand is moving radically happen within your life. I have seen you that you have stood fast and you have stood long concerning certain situations in your life. And now, My Good and Faithful Servant, there is coming upon you a season where the reports of the Lord are going to start coming about in your life to where you can take it to the bank so to speak and know that My promises are true, that that they are now becoming reality and manifesting within your life. What you believe will now become your experience to where you can look back in your life and see the promises of days past finally HAPPENING. I want to begin to bring to you reports of good news and this season is going to be a season of reporting for you. This is a key word this season: ‘REPORTING’. Reports of good news. I literally see the vision of this woman reporting the news across different areas of the world, the good and bad and current events and then signing off. You are going to start seeing reports in your life, but it will not be about negativity, bad news, murders, crimes like we see in the news. What you are going to start seeing is reports of the Lord. Whose report are you going to believe, says the Lord! I know you have and will believe the report of the Lord? But there is a difference between believing it and SEEING it. I want you no longer to just believe it, I want you to start seeing it. I want you to know that you know that you know that if God is for you, who or what can truly be against you.”


    I heard God saying over and over again: “I’m taking care of the rest! I’m taking care of the rest! I’m taking care of the rest!” And then He said, “Look at the situations in your life that have lingered on and you cannot seem to find the strength and overcoming power in, and say to yourself: ‘I am overcoming the rest’. Because guess what? EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE IS OVERCOMING! The rest of the things in your life that have seemed unmovable and stagnant ARE beginning to overcome. I’m overshadowing this hour like I did Mary. I am overshadowing this hour with My Glory, My strength, and My power. I am giving you your strength once again. Remember what happened to Samson? When his hair was cut strength left his body, the power of demonstration, the power of performance of My Anointing left him and he couldn’t really perform anymore. And all of a sudden he found himself at that place where Delilah had the strength, the power, and the control. Yet he woke up one day and realized how he had sold himself out to a woman. You may say: But Lord how does that apply to my life? Child, the enemy has tried his best to get you to sell out so many different things in your life. You saw things that didn’t happen. You saw things that were a let down. You saw things that didn’t turn out the way they should. And the enemy kept whispering, ‘Look at these situations and just sell out’. But you never have and never will, because your heart is always fixed upon Me—the Master, Author and Finisher of your faith. And because your heart refuses to sell out you keep on giving, you keep on praying, you keep on learning about Me, you keep on praising, you keep on drawing near to Me, because you know the best is yet to come for you.”

    “In this season, I am going to begin to take care of situations that you no longer can affect. There have been times in your life when you looked and said “I just can’t affect this anymore, it’s not budging”. There are seasons in your life where you could do certain things and things would move out of the way, but now you are at a place where certain things look like they can no longer be affected by you anymore. That’s not a problem! Remember, some things are not meant to be affected by My people, because the battle is not yours, the battle is mine! Therefore, some things in this world can’t be affected by you, because they are meant to be affected by the higher strength, power, and anointing of your Heavenly Father coming as a Mighty Man of War into the situation saying: ‘Here I am, the Lord of Hosts, mighty in battle!’ I am the One the enemy fears most. And, I want you to know today that these things that have plagued you are about to be scared of Me, because I am about to eradicate them. I am about to close the doors of certain things. I’m shutting away some things and blocking the way of other things. It’s time for you to be free! And who the Son sets free is free indeed to go forward in life and be who it is that I made them to be! I know you like the back of my hand. I know your heart and I know the issues and desires of your heart. I desire to bless you tremendously and give you a hope and a bright future. And, you ARE going to begin to claim that hope and that bright future to begin to see things happen, happen, happen! You are going to being to recognize that your life is changing. Your lifestyle is changing. The way you perceive and see things is slowly but surely changing and, as this happens, your outlook on life will be totally transformed. You are about to come to a place where you won’t even look at yourself in the mirror the same and through that you are going to begin to recognize where things will begin to change and happen quicker than you thought. Get ready! For, this day I decree and declare over you, My Child, that truly the best is yet to come for you!” says the Lord your God.



    “I want you to understand it’s time to get up and fight. It’s time to get up and take your weaponry, take your tools, and understand you are not entering a time of warfare right now, but a season to take back and reclaim what has been taken from you”

    I got to this part and I broke down crying. Ohhh how an TIRED from the warfare!! 13 years in the wilderness has taken it’s toll on me in every way. I’ve been crying out to God to send SWEET REST.

    THIS word confirms what He told me couple nights ago. I prayed for my entire family that God will restore LOVE among us and to soften those whose hearts are hard and to bring them to repentance. After I prayed the Lord said to me “And when Job/Shamera prayed for his/her friends/family all that she had and was lost will be restored DOUBLE”.


    Thanks for sharing this word. I NEEDED IT.


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