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    Yolanda Ballard

    Word submitted to encourage

    By Yolanda Ballard


    I am doing a work within your heart of a deep and lasting value that will conform you into the image of My dear son Jesus. He is the one you are to pattern your life after and not after one another. Yes, He alone is whom you are to follow.

    I will bring into your life for a season one that would mentor you to bring you to the place where you are able to stand alone to be strong and unwavering in your faith but this is only to be for a season. One must come to the place where they are able to look to Me alone.

    Once you have arrived to the place of dependence and maturity in Me you must wean yourself of having to need that acceptance and encouragement to stand and stand in the place of no longer a child but a mature son. This might take longer for a believer who has struggled as a babe to arrive.

    Seek My face and not My hand. Do not be wise in your own concepts of what is right or wrong but yield to My spirit within you for I am in a process of writing within your heart a scroll that you are to live by and follow. Yes, I am writing within your heart as you seek My face and draw close in the secret place.

    I alone have that which you need to grow by. I am the one that will bring confirmation and the witness within your heart to know what is of Me and what is being used as a distraction. Yes, all that appears to be a good thing you are giving ear to might not always be Me.

    This is the time and the hour I am pouring out My power and through a prepared vessel I will flow. And I am preparing your heart to be a place where My spirit will flow out as a free flowing spring.

    Spring up, O well, within my soul. Wash me and make me clean. Remove from me anything that blocks or hinders Your flow. Cleanse my heart and make me whole. Yes, Lord, write upon my heart Your truth and always enable me to season it with Your great grace and love I pray in Jesus name.


    Clu Monroe

    Beautiful Yolanda.

    Yes Lord, come, write.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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