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    When Paul and Silas were in prison they raised up their voices in praise and the angels came in and broke them out. The enemy is trying to bring people under bondage especially this time of the year, and the spirit of opposition and oppression is coming upon many. We are being tempted to allow the enemy to drown out our praises but we must rise up and be strong and blaze a trail through the darkness.
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    Do not do what you feel like doing. Do the opposite. Rise up and be strong and praise Him. The angels are waiting upon us to rise up using our sword of the Spirit and proclaim the victory through His word. We must let out a victory cry and praise Him. The Lord said if My people don’t praise Me, the rocks will. I’m not one to give in to what is around me. If everyone is silent, I get loud. I want the Lord to hear our praises because I know it grieves His spirit if we don’t rise up and be strong against the opposition of the enemy.

    Praise and worship is a mighty weapon of war. Every clap of the hands literally is like slapping the enemy in his face. Every stomp of our feet and even an attempt to dance is stomping upon him for sure the enemy is under our feet but dance keeps him there! We must wave the tambourine and the flags and banners! Wave them high.

    Worship Him like King David with all your strength. Yes, David danced until his clothes flew off. Yes, every weight we might have upon us will be broke off when we give Him all we have in praise and worship. Rise up and be strong for the Lord our God is with us. He is the Lord of the dance and He loves to dance upon injustice and He wants to live through us. He wants to freely dance among us. When we quench the flow of His spirit, He cannot live through us and His perfect will is not being done!


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