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    John Lawler


    The Lord had me speak the following word over our church congregation This past Sunday and I felt it was not only for our church but for the whole church at large. I share it with you for your discernment and comments.

    The Lord would say unto my people. I am a God who loves faithfulness. Faithfulness is the key to pleasing me saith the Lord. Even in my word I said, if you will be faithful in the little I’ll give you much, but most of you haven’t been faithful in the little, so how would you expect me to give you much. You’re not even faithful to be in here when you need to be here. You’re not faithful to be here on time. You put everything except me in your life. You are busy, busy Martha, but I want you to be a Mary, Mary, Mary. I want you to sit at my feet on a daily basis not just once in a great while, when your flesh doesn’t feel like being with me. I just want you to know I love you very much, I love you so, but there is a time coming soon and very soon when my patience is going to run out, then I am going to come down and I am going to take care of those who have been unfaithful to me and let them know how displeased I am with them. I’ll remove my spirit from you saith the Lord for I have no need or purpose for you anymore, and then you will suffer and wonder why it’s because of your lack of faithfulness to the one who gave his life. I have been faithful to you in every way that I can be, but now it’s time for you to become faithful to me saith God.

    You can share this word with anyone that you wish to share it with provided you keep as it is written in full context.

    John S. Lawler Sr.

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