Word Of The Lord For 2018

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    John Lawler

    Word Of The Lord For 2018


    The Lord would say unto my children, “This upcoming year of 2018 is going to be a year of victory, victory, victory for my people. Yes I am delivering each and every one of you from those things that have hindered you, in your walk with me. I’m taking it off, I’m Jehovah Neisse the banner of your victory and I’m going to give you the victory in each one of your lives from those things that you have been struggling with. Oh the things you have struggled with, through eons of time as you have walked with me, yes I am breaking it off, breaking it off, breaking it off. So this upcoming year is going to be the greatest year for the Church of Jesus Christ. You will see me, and move in and through me in ways you never dreamed you would, because I’m giving it all to you. I’m pouring it out on you, pouring it out, pouring it out, I’m pouring myself on each and every one of you, and you will walk in a newness of who I am saith the Lord, because I have chosen it for this time. This is a time and hour when I am moving by my spirit in and through each and every one of you. So be close to me, stay close to me and listen to my still small voice within you, and I will let you know what I would have each one of you to do, in this upcoming year of 2018, and you will have the victory saith God.

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