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    I asked the Lord for a word for 2020 and this is what I received. May it bless all the people of God.

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    When something is upgraded, it is improved. It replaces that which has become less effective. If you have a car and after a few years the company that you bought the car from calls you and lets you know that there’s a newer model, which has better qualities, that is an upgrade. On certain computer software programmes, they send you a message telling you that there is an upgrade, an improved version of the programme.

    There is a sense in which God is releasing upgrades for certain ministries and people. In Mark 2 v 22, Jesus said that old wineskins cannot hold new wine. Its only new wineskins that can carry new wine. Some churches and ministries are holding onto the old wineskins of what God did years ago. They sit in the same pews, sing the same hymns and songs and refuse and resist the changes that God seeks to bring. Its time for UPGRADE. In the wilderness when the cloud and pillar of fire moved, the children of Israel had to move with it. If anyone didn’t, they would be left behind. Time to move with the cloud of God’s Spirit.


    Reboot is a computer term for when a computer is restarted after having been serviced or had new software added. It normally happens after a computer crashes or is faulty. There has been a purifying and pruning happening in the body of Christ. During this time, God has been adding certain things to certain saints, which may or may not be evident at present, but will be beneficial to their coming ministry. Some of us will feel as though we are restarting in ministry, a “rebooting” into our purpose and destinies.


    When a house is getting a little worn down and in need of decoration, we say it is in need of a revamp. To revamp something means to improve its appearance. Sense the Lord is saying to get ready for a revamp in His house. There are things that are going to change. When a house is revamped it is for the owner or tenant to come and live in it. They are preparing it for habitation.

    God is preparing us as the body of Christ for habitation. We are the temple of the living God. All these prophetic words are linked to one word. PREPARATION.

    God’s word says “Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make straight in the desert, a highway for our God” (Isa. 40 v 3).


    God is looking for prepared vessels. Before the glory fell in the temple that Solomon had built for the Lord, it had to be built to the exact specifications. It was a prepared temple. When the first revival fell in the book of Acts, it was on a prepared people, in one accord and of one mind. Preparation is vital. The glory of God is coming but it will be an overflow of the outpouring into prepared vessels as it was in the book of Acts. From the overflow there will be the flooding of the Spirit. Glory to His blessed name.


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