Woman Comes Back After Suicide

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    David Darling

    A woman in my church commit suicide (literally, she ODed on muscle relaxers and stopped breathing), they were working on her in the hospital but they couldn’t bring her back and they pronounced her dead. While all this was happening she claimed to have gone to heaven and saw Jesus, she won’t repeat what He said to her but it scared the liver out of her (because she commit suicide), but He said he was sending her back! Instantly she was back in her body and she jumped up off the gurney!



    I believe you. I know someone who died in the hospital. She left her body and hovered around the area for a bit. When the doctors revived her she went back into her body.
    You can find many accounts of those who have had what is called a near death experience on YouTube. I would call it a death experience for they truly were gone for at least a little while.
    The similarities are so consistent that I think that for the most part they are being truthful although there could be some who are not. I have been looking into this for about a year now and for those that I find to be the most believable the message that they want to share is that God is love and love is all that matters really. Heaven is real! Jesus is real and He is awesome. He is full of love and very beautiful.
    There are those who did not have a Heaven experience but rather a hellish one. Some of these I also believe actually happened. Their message is that hell too is real and you should warn everyone so that no one goes there. This is a fascinating subject and if you want to hear personal accounts from hundreds who have experienced this you can just go on the internet.
    Thanks for sharing.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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