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    John Lawler

    I am reposting these prophases because I have added two more scriptures at the bottom to help clarify what God is saying.

    Who’s Report Will You Believe
    On the 22nd & the 23rd of this month of November 2020 at the Fire House Church in Carroll, Ohio the Lord had me speak the following words. I share them with you for your discernment.
    11-22-20 : by John S. Lawler Sr.
    The Lord would say unto my children, heads up, get ready for the greatest move of God that this nation (America) has ever seen. I’m tearing down strongholds every stronghold in this nation I’m destroying saith the Lord. The enemy will no longer hold my people bound for I’m delivering them from the hand of the wicked and redeeming them from the hand of the terrible and no longer will you be tormented in your souls for what the enemy has done in your lives in days gone by. From now on you will have peace of mind. You will not be tormented. There will be no more confusion because I am destroying the works of the enemy in each one of your lives from this day forward and you will know and understand that I am the God of my word and I will continue to perform it, in the lives of each and every one of my children. Lift me up each day, give me the glory and praise and the honor that I’m due and you will see me move in your lives even in a much greater way in the days ahead. Give me your time. Turn off the fake news and turn on the good news and you will know me for the God that I am. I am a God of love and mercy and grace and compassion, but there comes a time in the lives of my people that I will no longer put up with evil and disobedience saith the Lord. That is the important thing with me. Learn to be led of my spirit and you will never go wrong. Learn to hear my voice the still small one coming from the inside of you not from the outside. Oh, it’s not in your head but it’s in your heart and you will know it in the goings on in the days ahead saith the Lord, For I will speak a little louder to some of you, because you have been hard of hearing the voice of God. But from now on you will hear me loud and clear and take my voice and what I say to you seriously and move in your life as I would want you to so that you could be all that I created you for from this day fourth saith the Lord.

    11-23-20: by John S. Lawler Sr.
    The Lord would say unto you my people if you think the enemy has won just know he hasn’t he thinks he does, he’s even going to go all the way to the White House saith the Lord. Yes, he’ll get in the White House but guess what is going to happen, the White House is going to come tumbling down, down, down, down to the ground and all that are in it will perish, because of the wickedness that they have been to my servant Donald J. Trump, and now you are going to see a great uprising from this, this again. Oh a great uprising will come and people will say what in the world is going on. Well, I’m doing my thing saith the Lord and what I do is right in every situation. Oh, he thinks he has won, but I sit in the heavens and laugh. I’m laughing at the enemy because he thinks he’s got it all put together the way he wanted it, but it’s not going to last saith the Lord. It will only last for a day and then it will come tumbling down upon him and his cronies’ saith the Lord. Yes his cronies they are his, they walk with him, they talk with him, they live with him and honor him for the God that he is, but I am the God of heaven and the God of earth and now I’m going to have my say in this situation saith the Lord, and all that are wondering about what’s about to happen their going to see happen because my prophetic words of the past will now come to past in rapid succession saith the Lord and you will see itself as I said it would in my word long ago saith God.

    Read Psalm 37, 64 & Isaiah 41:10-16 and it will bring meaning to the above words. You can share the above words as long as they are kept in the full content that they are given in.

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