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    That was a question i carried in my heart for weeks while trapping in the far north of new zealand , this was his answer to me : Some weeks latter  while walking along a beach , i turned and looked up at a hill and saw a house nestled amongst trees , the lord spoke and said go to that house , i came to the front door and knocked , a man opened the door and said how can i help you ,i replied the lord told me to come to your house , he let out a laugh and said come in , i stepped into the house to see it was a split level , he went over and sat beside a woman on the higher level and beside them were three young children ,  and by herself on the lower level was a young girl about thirteen , the lords love rose in me for this young girl , a asked the man if i could speak to his daughter , he said that is not my daughter her father brian pentecost drowned at sea he was a fisherman , he went on to say since he had been with the young girls mum they had had three children , at this point the mum cut him off and said of course you can talk to my daughter and told me her name and that it meant rainbow , i told the girl that jesus loved her so very very much ,  she burst into tears and ran from the room slamming the door behind her , her mum saw i was alittle shocked , she said please all is well no one has ever come into my home and ministered to my child in such a way ,  about half an hour went by and the girl came from her room and handed me a picture she had just drawn, it was of a rose, you could see the roots the stem then the most beautiful blood red rose with flames leaping from it .
    The lord sent me back to that house about six months latter i had some antiques i was restoring , the lord said take what you have and give them to the mum. I did ,one of the gifts made her weep , and brought her remembrance back to the one man she ever loved that had given her that very gift , she told me she had had many lovers but only loved one man and that was brian pentecost the young girls dad that had drowned at sea .

    When i first went to the house after alot of listening i found out the man she was with was into a eastern religion ,when he meet me at the door an annionting came over me , it was a beautiful feeling , the lord spoke to me in seconds and said that is not my spirit , jesus also said watch and listen carefully i am answering your question you have asked me of pentecost .
    The day i left the house from the first visit i turned on my car radio to hear derek prince saying it is okay for the ship to be on the sea but it is no good for the sea to be in the ship.
    The holy spirit spoke to me through the whole meeting the first and six months latter second and for more than thirty years since , i am sure you have all heard of Similitudes , what i find amazing is where this word is found in Gods word : Hosea ch 12 verse 10 .
    No wonder there shall be such a great fire , there is so much wood stubble and hay , we must go through the topsoil where the fire is not quenched and the worm does not die , through the mirey clay and down down down to the bedrock of reality : upon Christ the solid rock we stand , to whom all Glory Honour and praise is given for He alone is Worthy , Worthy is the LAMB , let every man be a liar and God be true , for all we as sheep have gone astray .
    So therefore Jesus must be saying REVELATION 2 : v 4 Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee , because thou hast left thy first love ,  that which is more excellent cometh and everything else shall fall away , He shall address all the churches , Thankyou Father for your great mercy to all us that bear your name , for your mercy proceeds your judgement , for there is nothing covered that will not be revealed , nor hidden that will not be known , He must increase , we must decrease , to be followers of the meek and lowly jesus , to be friends of God , and yet i would say even so come lord jesus , for when thy JUDGEMENTS are in the earth the people learn RIGHTEOUSNESS . He said if you can be lower than john you can be greater , was he a servant or a son , or was he a voice inspired by the same spirit that cometh again before our lord and King , Blessed be the God of heaven and earth and all therein , the God and Father of our  Lord Jesus Christ Amen.

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