This blog will possibly have some typos and grammatical errors which some will doubtless dutifully point out. But, it can’t be helped if I want to get this to you in time.
Tonight, in the tent at Weber Point Event Center, the Holy Spirit had me do something for the first time. The union required us to hire security guards. One of these guards happened to be standing next to a woman that I knew Jesus was healing. I looked at the guard knowing he was not a believer and asked him—by the Spirit’s direction—to place his hand on her shoulder.
His eyes began to water as he felt the power of God flowing through his hand. She was healed and he experienced living proof of miracles. It was a touching and beautiful moment. The kind that only Jesus can create.
This was the very beginning of a river of healing that filled the tent. The next miracle was for a young man who was devastated. He had been healed of diabetes sometime ago but it came back.  The Holy Spirit granted me knowledge about his story, an explanation, and faith to declare a total miracle.

I told him to remember the fervent commitment he made to be used of God to win lost and dying souls right after his healing. He burst out in tears as he realized how true this was. Then he felt the forceful healing power of Jesus and then something else overtook him, he received a mighty prayer language as God gave him a fresh baptism.
This was followed by one healing after another and of course Satan had to chime in. Suddenly hecklers began disrupting and saying vile things against the meeting. For some, this was very disturbing but to veteran soldiers in the tent it was cause for rejoicing because they knew that demons were stirred up by the moving of the Holy Spirit. It proves we were on the front line and it meant that the devil knew something big and threatening was starting to happen.
One might think that such heckling would cause confusion but instead the enemy was defeated. I gave a clear appeal for lost souls to come to Jesus and none of the disturbance fazed them. They stood all the way across the front of the tent giving themselves to Christ for eternal life. Glory to God!
Tomorrow night promises to be one of the most explosive nights of miracles. If you can, come and be healed. If you know someone who needs a miracle or proof of the power of God do what you can to bring them to the tent!