We Are Still Under A Season Of His Mercy For Overcoming & Prospering.

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    Kevin Barrett

    Word of the Lord:

    My dear children, why oh why do many of you allow the cares of this world and the winds of change cause you to walk in doubt, worry and fear?  Have I not promised you in My written word that if you make Me your habitation, I will protect you and give My angels charge over you to keep you in all your ways? (Psalm 91:9-11)  Are you worried or in fear?  Then seek to dwell in the secret place of the Most High and rest in My arms of love.

    My dearest ones, changes must come, and there will be even more changes to come as I shake all that can be shaken so that only what cannot be shaken shall remain.  But know that this is not my judgment upon you.  Do not listen to the voices that say otherwise.  For even though My judgments shall come, I have given you a time of My mercy where you may repent and even overcome and prosper during this time.  And if you can receive it, I may also extend your time of mercy if you stay humble and continue to repent and seek My face.  For I desire mercy over judgment as My mercy combined with My truth purges the heart from sin.  (Psalm 16:6)  For it is also My desire that My people prepare themselves in this time of mercy that you may be perfected in love and that you may stand confident in the day of judgment.

    So then, lay down your fears and worries and cast all your cares upon Me because I care for you.  I love you all with an everlasting love and My Father in heaven is well pleased with those of you who have not been shaken by the recent events spreading across the world.  His desire, as well as mine, is that all His children would rest in the assurance that the God of heaven and earth has all things in control and no harm will come to those who dwell in the secret place of the Most High.

    Now then, concerning this virus spreading across the world at this time.  The virus itself was designed by the enemy with agendas in both the spiritual and natural realms.  But I declare unto you this day that I shall use this weapon formed by the enemy and turn it back upon his own head.  And you shall witness this virus be completely destroyed in a short amount of time.  For I will NOT allow the weapons formed against My people to prosper.  Howbeit, I WILL use this weapon formed by the enemy for My own purposes.  I will use it to stir My people into arising from their slumber….and I will use it to bring unity among the people….and I will use it to expose and remove much of the enemy’s evil plots and minions who creat evil in the earth.

    Therefore, do not shy away from the coming darkness, yet, use it as an opportunity to arise and let your light shine.  Yes, it is always wise to take precautions….but there’s a fine line between being precautious and walking in fear.  I have not given you a spirit of fear, but one of power, love, and a sound mind.  So let this be your resolve and light unto the world during this time of crisis.  I tell you, there have been much worse plagues in the world even during your lifetimes, and there will be worse ones to come.  Therefore, stand your ground in Me and push back the darkness with your prayers, declarations, and bright shining light.

    Now then, I wish to speak to you concerning another matter.  As I have said to you before, these are the last of the last days and much of My written word shall come to pass quickly.  I do not want you to miss out on what I am doing in and through My people before the final end comes.  But I tell you, the church at large does not know, nor understand, My true coming in these last days.  For it is My Father’s will and My desire to manifest Myself within the Body of Christ.  But just as it was in the days when I walked the earth in the flesh of man, many of those who knew the scriptures well were blind and missed My coming, even to the point of crucifying Me on a cross.  And so too shall it be this second time of My coming.  For even though there shall be a resurrection of the righteous in the end, before that happens I shall manifest Myself in a remnant of My people who will have believed and prepared themselves to receive Me. (Romans 8:19)  But the blind, including those who claim to know Me, will miss My coming in My people, even to the point of persecuting the remnant who are seeking My appearing within and their FULL salvation. (Hebrews 9:28)

    Therefore, I come to you all today and plead with you to lay down all that distracts you from Me and labor to enter into My rest.  Get alone with Me in your prayer closets as often as you can.  And don’t simply say your prayers then walk away.  Wait upon Me that I may come and overshadow you with My presence and My love.  And press into the Most Holy place where I am.  For the veil has been torn and you may now freely enter in.  And do not despair if you find yourself waiting on me many times with seemingly nothing happening.  For each time you wait on Me in silence, I am working on your heart and strengthening you for these last days.  (Isaiah 40:31)

    So then, My lovely ones, heed these words of Mine this day, for there are great things coming your way in spite of what’s going on in the world.  Never forget My love for you.  It is My greatest desire to please My Father with a glorious and holy people.  Therefore, do as I say and you will not be disappointed.


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