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    Ron McGatlin

    I was sitting quietly this morning thanking Jesus for who He is and for the work He alone has accomplished.
    I thanked Him for being my obedient brother who gladly laid down His life for me.
    I thanked Him for teaching understanding to me and giving His blood to reconcile me back to our Father.
    For His goodness and His mercy.
    I then saw Him inviting and gathering millions upon millions to take their place with Him.
    They ascended up and sit together to form a very large throne.
    I then saw Him sit on the throne and all of a sudden they became one.
    Him and the people (us).
    They melted together as one.
    I then asked Him to show me what a Righteous Throne was like.
    There was then a person who walked up to the Throne.
    They were dirty from head to toe. Their clothes torn as if they had been beaten.
    He then stood up and lifted them up and set them on the edge of the Throne.
    Then He knelt down and took a basin and a sponge and began to gently clean them from head to toe.
    The fiery compassion in His eyes was overwhelming.
    Once they were clean they took their place in the Throne.
    He showed me that a Throne is a place of authority and power.
    He is showing me that we have His Authority and Power to be like Him and choose humility.
    Because that is what He chose.

    Much Blessings and Love,
    Jonathan Sechrist

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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