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    Marie Stewart

    For the more you have been despised and rejected of men, the more you shall know that you are accepted of me.

    The more disappointments you have had, the more divine appointments I will bring to you.

    The more fear you have walked in, the more faith you shall eventually walk in for my glory.

    The more hurt you have had to go through, the more of my love you shall learn to walk in.

    The more you have been judged, the more of my mercy toward others you shall walk in.

    The more you have been forsaken, the more you shall move in my presence,

    The more lack you have been in, the more abundance you shall eventually walk in.

    The more shame you have had to walk in, the more confidence in me you shall move in.

    The more patience you have had to have, the more trust you will have in me,

    The more sadness that you have been through, the more of my joy you shall walk in.

    The more anxiety you have been through, the more of my peace you shall move in.

    For you have been in training for reigning, with the King of Kings, for bringing forth my Kingdom to this lost and dying world before the end comes. You are the ones that I have chosen, you alone are my mature sons. You are the ones chosen for  the Kingdom for such a time as this to come forth with, and for, my glory. I come quickly, but first you must continue to occupy by my Spirit until I return. So no matter where you are right now, the best is yet to come, so stand fast in the liberty  that I have placed within you, and you shall soon know the move of my glory, for when I am finished training you, as you  allow me too, you shall know then that you are fully prepared to go forth and walk in my glory.

    Then it shall no longer be you that lives, but I, the great I AM that lives and moves in you.

    For this is my desire says the Father, and then the desire of the righteous shall be granted, and the seed of the righteous shall be delivered.  Stand strong in me and in the power of my might, not yours, and you shall walk in my victory, as I alone am the victorious one. I have never lost a battle yet, so says your Father, who loves you always, and all ways.

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    • This topic was modified 9 months, 2 weeks ago by  Ron McGatlin.

    Ron McGatlin
    Good word, Thanks for posting it here.

    Quo Wright

    Thank you Marie for these encouraging words.




    Thanks so much, was just thinking recently of the reality that disappointments are Divine appointments, freshly ploughed ground is prepared for fresh planting of heavens seeds !


    Marie Stewart

    Yes Ron I sensed in my spirit I had to get this one out to His people.  By the way there is no way to post a reply to the article you posted on Clearing the channel for His glory. I just wanted to say to you.  This is so powerful I was dancing in the spirit as I read it.  Thank you for posting this, it blessed the socks off of me, glory to His name.  love you in Jesus,



    Complements the recent word from Lana Vowser very well.

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