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    Ron McGatlin


    By David Kloefkorn

    We are on the precipice of a time of prayer like no other. While prayer is always essential as it is at the core of our very existence, it defines us. The time has come when it is even more essential in this hour. As darkness looms and Rev 12:12b draws ever nearer. So get ready it’s only the beginning (Malachi 3).

    As the smell of sin has risen to knew heights (Jer 51:9 / Rev 18:4,5) and portals (Ez 8:8-12) releasing a powerful breed of spirits (Jude 4) that are being discharged, this nation and many others are beginning to look like the world at its first distruction before Adam and as described by Enoch before the cleansing of the earth when Noah stepped into the portal and was shut within the ark.

    The time has come when we are beginning to see “as it was in the days of Noah” (Matthew 24:37-39)unfold before our very eyes. Zech 11:8 reveals the time is coming quickly when God will remove His hand and an end will fall upon the protestant, catholic and Jewish church as they have far to long dwelt in unbelief and taken advantage of God’s grace having not sheparded His people dispensing lies rather than THE truth. It is 11:9-11 that reveals the outcome.

    Zech 10 – 12 holds a very presant word as the true church is coming forth, better known as the kingdom that is within. Those who endure, who overcome who pray without ceasing. The time is come when He is preparing and will begin to send forth shepherds / fathers (Malachi 4:6) but much Intercession (Hag 1:13) must come forth first to prepare the ground for the good seed, the fruit of the spirit to come forth.

    Which way will the wind blow to the left (I’m not talking politics) where darkness and every evil thing will abound, or to the right Luke 22:69 where we very simply need to humble ourselves and pray 2Chronicles 7:14.

    We must be (Eph 6:11-14) in preparation on our knees tilling by the spirit and watering with the tears of Intercession the ground Mark 4:8 for the good seed to come forth from ground fertized in righteousness. There are already to many shadows of deceit. (1John 2:18 ; 4:3)

    Blow the trumpet O Watchman on the wall  sound an alarm, it’s the calling of the Intercessors, rise up and sound the alarm as the horse and rider have broken through the horizon and are coming into view (Isaiah 14:32) yet the work is not quite complete (Nehemiah 4:14-18). The time has come to mount up on wall with one hand for work the other holding a weapon. The work is repentance the weapon is prayer.

    We must stand and when we have done ALL to stand; therefor STAND (Eph 6:10-18) Call out with a shout to the four corners of the earth (Rev 7:1) and make proclamation by the spirit, proclaim in the power of the Lord Most High(Ex 34:1-7) We’ve just seen it take hold as the prayers and intercessions of some thwarted the plans of the Lucifarians. We know prayer is a powerful weapon. It’s time for more than the few but the many to take up the banner and mount up with wings as eagles.

    We can no longer move in a form of godliness, no longer denying, but taking hold of the power of the Lord which is rightfully ours (2Tim 3:1-7). He is our right hand who makes Intercession for us, it is He who dwells within us. And who is He? He is the kingdom and the power, and the glory, forever and ever”  Amen  (Matt 6:5-13).

    This is who dwells, has made His abode within us. The author and creator of all that is (John 1:1-5) The time has come we need to wake up to that fact and take hold to the height width length and depth of who He that dwells within us is.

    The time has come we are standing on the brink, a moment in time so precious, so pivotal like a breath in a moment it comes and then it is gone. It is the time we are approaching. This time is the days of awe, Yamim Noraim the 10 days of repentance. The time has come to prepare to ………

    Arise and Awake  (Judges 5:11, 12).

    David Kloefkorn

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