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    “Well done, you good servant: because you have been faithful in the tiny details that were given you by My Father, now He is going to give you authority over ten cities.  And a second servant came, saying, Father, the tiny directions that you gave me to obey, I have obeyed and it has returned five times as much.  And Father said to him, I am promoting you to be in charge of five cities because you took care of the tiniest details of the kingdom and I know I can trust you to obey My spirits leading wherever He takes you,”   Luke 19:17-19.

    You must remember that as long as you are in your physical body walking on planet earth you are responsible to two kingdoms, however you only have one authority My Father.

    Through the Holy Spirit, He will give you the orders to be carried out in both spheres of influence.  While you are in the secret place today, Father will be giving you directions that kill the old flesh, (your agenda).  On the other hand, He will be giving you directions on how to build up your spirit man that will eventually completely overpower and direct, your soul man.  It is the DETAILS on both sides, in both spheres, you must deal with.

    Here is where the biggest problem arises.  You will be greatly tempted to try to build up your spirit man without crucifying your old man.  Remember, the two cannot grow together, you will either serve the one or the other.

    You cannot have two masters, you cannot serve God and Mammon!  It’s a spiritual impossibility,  (Matthew 6:24).

    Just the same, as you cannot go through the narrow gate that leads to My Kingdom and yet continue to walk down the broad road that leads to destruction, it’s one or the other.

    The king of darkness has sent demons to sit on your shoulders and speak (GOOD THINGS) into your soul man (mind, will, emotions) and tell you of all the details that do not have to be surrendered,  (Matthew 7:14).

    They are called (good things)!  By leaving out one, it makes it so it’s not a God thing, meaning it’s not in My Father’s plan for you that day.  It is so simple to forget one and very easy for you to rationalize, thinking that because it is good, that has to be God.  But it’s a tiny disobedience that will keep you from going through the narrow gate and on the road that leads to destruction.

    Because there are so many who are already on that road, mind that you respect and look up too.  It’s easy to miss the narrow gate!  Do not let this happen!

    Always, always, always protect your spiritual man by spending time with My Father in the secret place, before you start your day.

    “When you pray, enter into your closet, and when you have shut the door, talk to My Father which is in secret; and Father which sees in secret, will reward you openly, by crucifying your old man and building up your spirit man to where you become a full ambassador of My Kingdom,”   Matthew 6:6.


    Jim Hammerle

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