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    Ron McGatlin

    The Gate February 22, 2020
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    This Week at The Gate
    There will be a time of Intercession each week before The Gate starting at 7:00 pm
    Prayer appointments for personal ministry before The Gate are available. To make an appointment or join the team email Jeff Nasta at
    Dr. Deborah F. Jenks Ministering on Feb. 22
    She founded Walking in His Ways in 1993. She is an ordained minister through Overflowing Life and was a missionary for seven years. Her book Walking First Things First, Walking in God’s Ways: Passion was published in 2002. Her articles are published in Christian and secular leadership journals.
    She is the author of the Intimacy With the Lord class. Dr. Jenks earned her Doctorate in Strategic Leadership from Regent University. She has walked with many different streams in the body of Christ in the roles of leader and teacher. She is a leader and teacher in her home church, The Gate DC.
    Deborah activates believers to be leaders who see and take hold of the substance of heaven to bring transformation  on the earth. One of her passions is to see the body of Christ become more in love with Jesus as their bridegroom king. This is one of the key steps to becoming a kingdom leader – to bring Zion (heaven’s ways) to their spheres of influence.
    Learning From the Book of Matthew
    Tonight, February 20 Chris and Beverly Choate will open their home for fellowship and a time in reading and discussing the book of Matthew. Next month the meeting will be on March 19. This home meeting is from 7:00 to 9:00 PM. I Contact Beverly for directions: .
    Prophetic Prayer Night
    Friday Night Februay 21, 7:30 til 9:30 Jim and Kathy Ferguson lead a unique night of prophetic prayer and vision. Come and look to see what the Lord will say. (Hab 2:1)
    The next Healing Training Class is February 28
    Paula O’Keefe on Feb. 29
    Paula O’Keefe is a British psychologist and teacher who has been involved in missions for over 20 years. She moved to Russia in 1993, sharing the good news of Jesus on the streets, in orphanages and hospitals. In 2002, Paula founded Living Waters Trauma Counselling Center in Armavir, Russia, for those traumatized by war and terrorism and over the years thousands received healing, deliverance and experienced God’s love in action firsthand. The ministry developed into Living Waters Healing Communities to include seasons of 24/7 prayer, mission and healing schools, pioneer mission and church planting.
    Matt Sorger March 21, 22
    Matt Sorger will be at The Gate and Whole Word Fellowship March 21 and 22. Matt is no stranger at The Gate or Whole Word. This weekend will be powerful as Matt brings fresh revelation and prophetic ministry along with anointed teaching in the Word. Matt opens realms of glory as he ministers and is used by Holy Spirit to set believers on fire with more passion for Jesus.
    Matt is prophetic and has ministered all over the world and is reaching hundreds of nations through media. He and Stephanie also lead Rescue1 and are rescuing children from sex trafficking and placing them in homes in India, Mexico and the Philippines. Don’t miss this weekend of Worship and the Word with Matt Sorger
    David and Tracy Ruleman at The Gate March 28
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