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    Kimberly Fowler

    (This is an older word out of my journals but God is refreshing my spirit with these words)


    Charity=generosity. A generous spirit produces wealth, an impoverished spirit produces poverty in itself. Give of yourself out of what you have. A tree produces fruit of its own kind. Be generous with what you have. Give generously, pour out into others what I have poured into you. If I have given you wisdom, give likewise. Be generous with what I have given you. Give with your heart not with your motives. Be generous with what others do not have. If you see a lack and you are able to give into it, give with your heart. Concerning a need, if you see a need and do not have it in yourself to give, ask of the Father and He will give it to you. Give abundantly and it will be supplied abundantly. Give out of your income, not necessarily out of your debt, but if you have a heart to give, your Father will see it measured unto you likewise. I love to see a cheerful giver. Not necessarily in monetary funds. Don’t limit your charity to monetary things. Out of the abundance of the heart (your treasure) is where you give. You give of the treasure I have given you. If it is joy, let it be joy. If it is monetary things I have given you, give with gladness. Your treasure is not monetary, but the joy of giving is a treasure I have given you. Give with good spirit, not with a mean spirit out of poverty, give out of the goodness of your heart (not with a “clenched fist”, not wanting to relinquish the provision). Give and it shall be given you, with the same measure you use to give unto others, so shall it be measured out to you in return. Give with a grateful heart. I have given much, you also out of the generous spirit, give out of your abundance.

    Much is coming in the coming days. Just as a bird stores up his nest for the winter, I have given you ample opportunity to “store up” for yourselves treasures in heaven. give and it shall be given unto you. My people shall not lack in the days ahead. Give out of your storehouse. Give out of your “plenty”. I will see it restored back to your bosom and running over. You shall not lack. Give unto others and it shall be returned to you, running over, shall men give unto you. I have promised a return to your investment. You may not see it returned in the same manner that you sent it out. A sower sows a seed; his return on his investment is not a seed but the fruit of its kind. You sow a seed, you will get the fruit of the seed you sowed. If you sow happiness, you get a fruit of it in whatever measure that you sowed. Sow generously, reap generously; sow in lack (or a mean spirit) and that is what you will reap. I have given you tools for harvest and producing. Sow into the spirit and you will reap in kind. Sow in flesh and you will also reap in kind. Be careful how you sow and reap. Be careful how you reap. I have not given you all seed to sow and eat for yourself. Some is seed to be sown again so you will have an additional harvest. Be careful to not eat all your seed for yourself. The harvest is fruitful if sown, and I will see a harvest come to you when you sow in fruitful ground. Be careful in how you plant and in whose field you plant. Not all is good seed if planted in the wrong field. Some seed will not come up in certain climates. Let me show you where and how to plant. I am a good farmer and know the fields which will reap an abundant crop. Sow where I tell you to sow, and your fields will reap plenty. I will watch over your seed. Be faithful in the little things. You learn to rule in the little matters. Be consistent in what you do, and it will yield a crop. Be consistent in the little areas and I will give you bigger. Watch over the little foxes that spoil a vineyard. I will take care of the big foxes. I guard my vineyard; you be obedient in the little and I will take care of the great. Be watchful, be fruitful. I am coming soon; I will give every man what is due him, the work he has done will be rewarded. I come quickly. Let your hand be faithful in what I have given you. Be a loyal steward of that which I have entrusted you. I will reward your works. I am a just owner of my vineyard. I see your works and I know your heart toward me. I see that which is faithful in my keeping. I will reward those who have been faithful in what I have given them and those who have neglected the gift I have placed within them. Be among the faithful and I will see that your works are rewarded in heaven and in this life as well. Be faithful and diligent in what I have placed in your keeping. My reward is with me, and I will reward those found faithful in the end.



    Rev 22:12 12″Behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to render to every man according to what he has done.

    1 Corinthians 13:13
    English Standard Version
    So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.
    King James Bible
    And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.

    (The word “charity” starting out the prophetic word was of dual meaning, a play on words which God gives me many times. Charity in the Bible is a word interchanged with love, and yet we know “charity” in our day as giving to areas of need. I believe God used the word “charity” purposefully with the understanding that if we truly have a heart of love, it will be a heart of “charity” as well.)





    Thank-you for sharing this.  It blessed me greatly.


    Your brother in Christ,


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