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    Lyn Dennis

    Think of all the divisions, cults creeds and countries
    When our Heavenly Fathers heart cries out my children all I want is unity
    Why all these divisions
    Why all these wars
    Why all these violent acts
    Who is trying to score???
    If we are truly hearing Gods voice there would be none of this
    So those of us who know His heart should be setting an example …HIS
    He poured out His love for us when He sent His only son
    He wanted us to know Him, know that He is the One
    The one whose example to follow we need to give just like He gave
    He gave His life not counting the cost He gave His life to save
    Then why are we so divided?
    Why is all this greed?
    Why are we all fighting?
    Trying to succeed?
    When all Father wants is love in this world
    His children united as one
    It is up to those who know His heart
    To surrender and be filled with His son
    To be an example to those who don’t know Him
    To show them He is THE ONE
    He is the Way the Truth and the Life
    He brings light to the dark
    The fire of His love needs to spread all over
    It can start with just one spark!
    Think of all the divisions, cults, creeds and countries
    When our Heavenly Father’s heart cries out
    My children I want unity!!!

    William Evans


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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