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    Chris Williams

    In this manner, therefore, pray: Our Father in heaven, hallowed be Your name. 
    Your kingdom come. Your will be done ON EARTH as it is in heaven. 
    (Matt 6:9-10)

    “What do you see? Behold, what do you see?” saith the Lord; “What do you see?”

    I see the left side of a vision screen.  It is brown and all things appears to be dying.  Very quickly I see myself in this part of the vision.  I am leaving and walking toward the middle of the vision screen.

    As I enter the middle, I no longer see into the vision from outside of it. I enter it, and become one with it.  I see far into the distance through a large circular, or tubular opening. As this circular opening widens, the tube’s sides disappear.

    Everything in this middle section of the screen is clear and clean, but this section of the vision appears to be behind a thin layer of very clear moving water [from above downward].  As I look out into the distance I see the country side.  It is beautiful, but it also appears to be behind a film of slightly moving water.  The vision would be very clear if the water film (for lack of a better word) would stop moving.

    God asks me, “What do you see?”

    I see the right side of the vision screen, but I am no longer in the vision.  The third section, or right side of the vision screen is smaller than the first two sections.

    God says, “What do you see in the third section?”

    I see lightening everywhere. At first I think that this is because I hear earthly thunder outside of my physical home.

    I answer God, “I see lightening and I know that it is your Power; I have seen the Power of God manifested!” (see Luke 17:24)

    God says, “You see and hear correctly, Chris.  Be still now and listen.”

    I then see that all three sections of this vision screen have become one; and God has caused all of my sight and concentration onto the center section. The tube’s walls have completely disappeared, and the sections to the left and right of this center have now become one with the center.

    The thunder and lightening outside of my home’s physical windows have completely disappeared.  I sit in the quiet waiting for God’s interpretation.

    God explains: “The left side of this vision was brown and dead looking, and all seemed to be dying.  It was and is.  It is the earth; and it is the old.  You did not see any people in the left side of the screen.  All three parts of this vision screen are empty and without people, except for you, My Seer who has walked from death [in the left side of the screen] into the middle of the screen.

    The middle section of the vision is the Truth (see 1 John 5:6; John 4:24).  Many of Mine are on this journey.  They are moving forward always; they move with Me, the Spirit of God, homeward and into the clarity of God’s Kingdom, His nature, and their new home, saith your Lord God Amen. Many of My Children are there, or approaching Life there now.

    The third, and much smaller section of the vision represents those who walk beyond the thunder (voice) of My Word and their own transformation. (1)These have become My Power, My Light(ening): Me on earth and in heaven.  These are One with Me always.

    The three sections become one now, without separation, as all journey home with Me. All will now become homeward bound, and each and all will walk in the clarity of My Word and Power, Amen saith God Almighty.  As the three separate sections become One, the old [death] is destroyed and the newness of Christ manifests on My ONE Kingdom now in heaven, and soon completed on earth.  From this comes a small group of My Children, My prototypes, who are Light as Christ is.

    Within a very short time, this smaller section of My vision for earth overwhelms all, and the clarity of My Word, nature ~ Myself ~ is all that is seen.  This is the NEWNESS of Christ manifested on earth.

    God’s Children must concentrate on Me, and Me alone now, in order to become My Children of Light(ening): THOSE WHO OVERWHELM THE OLD WHILE WALKING WITHIN CHRIST’S NEWNESS.

    The thunder that you heard outside of your window on earth, and the Power that you saw manifest as lightening in this vision will become one on earth now.

    The thunder, My Word, and the lightening, My Power, will manifest as one in My Children of Light. (2)These change My earth as they help Me bring a permanent end to the old: all evil and death, Amen Amen and Amen.

    [NOTES and VERSES:]

    (1) “These have become My Power, My Light(ening), Me on earth and in heaven.  These are one with Me always:”  Suggested Reading: “1619 Prophecy” by Jane Leade” [with Interpretation by Christine Williams]

    (2) “These change My earth as they help Me bring a permanent end to the old: all evil and death:”  A MUST Read for those waiting for freedom from the trials and tribulations of this life:  “Christ’s SECOND COMING and COMPLETED REDEMPTION Is Upon Us NOW!” (Part 1) [UPDATED].

    [God’s Grace lives within me, Chris, and all of His Children.  For this reason I am ever grateful for ever more, Amen Amen and again Amen.]

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