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    Ron McGatlin


    Recently I heard the Lord in an excited way say “SPRING CLEAN!!!!” I could feel His heart SO excited by the precious work that He was doing.

    The “SPRING CLEAN” was full of the ANTICIPATION of the “NEW” that was before the people of God. As I was pressing in seeking His heart on the “SPRING CLEAN” instantly a vision opens up in front of my eyes.

    I see Jesus standing before a HUGE boiling pots in the shape of hearts. Yet as I looked closer in the middle of this heart shaped boiling pot I saw the words flowing in the pot full of liquid “MINDSETS”, “LIES” and “WOUNDS”.

    The heat was increasing so much on these boiling pots that it began to bubble and bubble but what I noticed was I couldn’t see beyond the “top layer” of the liquid. This thick, almost dirty, crusty layer was forming on the top of the liquid. As it came up, more and more, the Lord would use His hands to scoop off this gunk. I knew He was dealing with the hearts of His people in such a deep way.

    Every time He would remove the GUNK, He would then breathe into this liquid and I would then hear the words “ThERE IS HOPE IN THE SPRING CLEAN”. It was like LIFE and HOPE and ENCOURAGEMENT was being breathed into this pot.

    This process kept going on and on and on until less and less GUNK had come up to the surface. I then noticed that the liquid was GOLD. Such a PURE GOLD, like I had never seen.

    He spoke again “I am refining you as PURE GOLD!!!! For many of you, you have felt the intensity of the heat in this season bringing things to the surface. You have felt My pruning hand, but keep your eyes on ME for there is HOPE IN THE SPRING CLEAN!!! I am EXTENDING YOU, HEALING YOU, RESTORING YOU and BREAKING harmful mindsets as I BREATHE UPON YOU!!!! This fire and heat will not KILL YOU, but BRING YOU TO LIFE and IGNITE YOU with greater revelation of TRUTH of who I am and who you are. My WORD will come alive in you like never before.”

    You will come out looking and smelling more like JESUS!!!!!!!!!!

    “Embrace this process and RELAX! Know that there is HOPE as I am preparing you for greater SCOPE and ADVENTURE! You are not going to die, you are COMING ALIVE!!!!”

    “You are being prepared for the next step of this new day! You will step into more than you could imagine, and as you embrace Me and what I am doing, I am strengthening you and setting the foundations in you for LONGEVITY!!!”



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