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    Kimberly Fowler


    There are those times when His Presence comes

    and it just overwhelms

    and you’re lost in His love, you’re getting a taste

    of heavenly realms.

    If I were to speak of the love that He showed

    through the pain that He bore

    and the riches of grace, and the heavenly hope

    that we now have in store…

    But how do you speak when there are no words

    and you’re overcome

    by the grandeur of love and the height and the depth

    and the scope of its sum?

    If I could just speak of how awed that I am

    for all He has done…

    but there are no words! There are no words,

    no, there are none!

    There are no words! There are no words,

    no, there are none!


    (A song given to me by God)

    Kimberly Fowler

    I want to explain the creation of this “song”. I had asked God/Jesus for a Valentine’s gift since this was the week with Valentine’s Day and He is my Beloved!

    So last night I just had a regular dream that I was in a restaurant with my parents (no spiritual implications within the dream that I was aware of at all). And I woke up right at the point when the cooks were bringing out the food. I remembered the dream since I had woken up just at that point, but when I woke up, I also remembered something in the dream that had not even impinged upon my conscious mind within the dream. As I woke I realized that music was being played in the atmosphere of the restaurant as if over a speaker and I remembered the tune and the gist of the song and some of the words that the singer was singing. The gist of the song was about how wonderful God/Jesus was and how you just get so overwhelmed by His Presence that words simply leave you and there is no more description for the awesomeness of His Presence! And the singer who was male kept singing the phrase, “There are no words! There are no words!” And there was in his voice such an intense passion that you could tell he was overwhelmed and had no way to describe the feelings he was under. And as I remembered the gist of the song and the words, all of a sudden the Presence of God hit me and I got drunk in the Spirit right upon waking!  And I knew that I wanted to write out the gist of the understanding of the song that I heard because I knew it was a song from heaven. And then I realized as well that this was the “Valentine’s gift” from God, a gift of “love” from God.  But I believe the song carries a much deeper implication! This song is about being overwhelmed by God, but the “gift” I really believe carries with it an impartation to be brought INTO that experience with God where you are just overwhelmed by His Presence. And THAT is the true Valentine’s gift from the Father, a gift of love that literally carries the IMPARTATION of the feelings of love expressed by the Father which literally takes words away. So believe as you read it that you RECEIVE that gift of impartation to experience that overwhelming love of the Father!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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