The winter is over…

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    Pura HMacias

    Yes, My dear – I’M strengthening you.

    My people is weary.

    The battles you’ve been on have been strong on you, but I’M calling you out to praise,

    praise. Don’t stop praising.

    Let the worshippers of The Living God arise!

    Fill the earth with your praises!

    Sing out loud!

    Declaring My goodsness – for I tell to you – that mountains are falling,

    obstacles are cleared and doors are opening.

    Boldness is coming and dry bones are resurrecting.

    Can you see it!!



    Sons and daughters of God arise!

    The winter is over.

    Declare My Word;

    Believe My Word;

    Practice My Word.

    Praise, praise – fill the earth with songs and praises to My Name.



    Pura HMacias

    Clu Monroe

    Lovely. How could it be any other way than His. Praise you Lord…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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