By Lana Vawser
This morning I felt the Lord speaking about areas of the lives of believers where there has been continual lack of breakthrough and a real “tug of war”, “back and forth” in seeing manifested breakthrough.
Those areas where it seems to get better, but then it goes back to how it was, so there’s really never any “complete and TOTAL breakthrough” and that “tug of war” and “back and forth” has seen despair enter into the hearts of many.
The level of despair I saw within hearts in these areas were deep, and the pain and sadness was deep. A cry from the heart of His people rising up full of thankfulness for who He is, and for His marvellous works, but also a sense of despair that maybe their breakthrough will never come in this area, or God doesn’t want to bring breakthrough. These areas of despair have really caused some deep heartache and many are living in these areas in the place of Proverbs 13:12:
“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, But desire fulfilled is a tree of life.”
Many are struggling to “hope again” in these areas. To “believe again”, to “have faith again”.
That’s where I saw our beautiful Jesus step in. He stepped in with His encouragement, comfort and strength as He whispered:
“The area where you have despaired, I am now about to bring about a great divine repair.”
There is going to be a great move of the Holy Spirit in your heart and your circumstance where the Lord is going to bring about a great divine repair. These areas where despair has broken your heart, the Lord is coming to heal your broken heart. Jesus came to bring freedom for the brokenhearted (Luke 4:18 – The Passion Translation) and these areas that have broken your heart in despair are about to be freed, healed and repaired.
The Lord showed me that many who have been in this place of despair they have been “looking again” and “looking again” in faith for such a long time, to see if the breakthrough has come or begun, but have become tired of looking again, because there has been seemingly no movement.
I heard the Holy Spirit say “LOOK AGAIN” and there was a DOUBLE INVITATION in these words.
I felt the invitation SO strongly from the heart of the Father to “LOOK AGAIN” but look again in HIS PERSPECTIVE. Ask Him how HE sees the situation, and LOOK AGAIN through His eyes. He’s coming to repair and restore but He’s bringing a greater alignment in the people of God regarding vision, to see as He sees. “LOOK AGAIN” and as you see from the higher perspective HOPE will be breathed back into your heart again.
I then felt the Holy Spirit inviting His people as they keep their faces like a flint towards Jesus and how He sees, as you look at the situation again through His eyes, as your gaze has been intentionally focused upon His perspective, I felt the Lord say “LOOK AGAIN at the situation” and you will soon see the SHIFT has begun. Don’t give up!
You really are closer to a finality of breakthrough regarding these situations than you realise.


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