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    Ron McGatlin
    Credit: Franz Jantzen, Collection of the Supreme Court of the United States.

    The U.S. Supreme Court

    Written by Dutch Sheets

    As a leader in the prayer movement for 25 years, I have prayed many times at the Supreme Court. I remember my shock the first time I prayed there, as I sensed the oppressive force of spiritual darkness hovering over the place. I felt as though I was at the headquarters of the “strongman” over our nation (see Mark 3:27).

    Do the facts support this possibility? This deceived institution mockingly stated that God isn’t allowed in the public square; foolishly, they argued that prayer isn’t permitted in schools; arrogantly, they ruled that marriage isn’t between a man and a woman; and insanely, they ruled that babies can be mercilessly mutilated in their mothers’ wombs. Deception and lunacy such as this cause one to think that perhaps the strongman over America does, indeed, live there. Common sense and loyalty to the Constitution certainly don’t!

    The influence of this arrogant, mocking spirit ruling the Court can even be seen, at times, in other Supreme Court employees. I’ve watched as numerous groups of people—from 5 to 25 in number—have clustered for various reasons on the public area in front of the Courthouse steps. No big deal, unless it is obvious the group is there to pray! Then the Supreme Court police move over in front of them, “standing guard” with a distrustful and often mocking gaze. The unstated message is clear: You are not wanted here. A few years ago, I recall having the audacity of opening my Bible to read a passage of Scripture while on a prayer walk through the Court. In no uncertain terms, I was told by the police, “You can’t do that!” I recall being told on one occasion by an official Supreme Court tour guide, that one of the carvings depicting Moses holding the 10 Commandments was not that at all. Some ridiculous, made-up explanation was postulated.

    Anything to keep God out!

    For a generation now, liberals, secularists, and humanists, unable to rule by majority vote and/or proper legislation, have illegally legislated from the bench. A simple majority—five unelected men and women (the majority vote)—can rule the lives of 320 million Americans! The results? Our nation has lost her moorings, her morality, and is becoming perilously close to losing her God-given destiny.

    And so, millions of Americans have prayed. Fervently. Faithfully. Persistently.

    Finally, enough of them voted. Most Trump supporters, when asked their number one motivation for voting in the recent election said, “The Supreme Court.” They’d had enough.

    God, in His mercy, gave us a President who agreed to appoint only non-legislating, Constitutionalist Justices to the bench. His first appointment, Neil Gorsuch, sworn in on Monday, April 10, 2017, is the beginning of the strongman’s demise. Trump will appoint 2–3 more Supreme Court Justices…and the curse will finally be broken.

    Keep praying…and voting.


    Clu Monroe

    AMEN! Enough is enough!!

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