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    The Total Eclipse of the Sun: A Divine New Has Come

    By Henry Falcone

    This is a new moment in time. This eclipse is a sign of the things to come. When the moon completely passes by the sun a new moment in time will begin and be birthed. Just as I birthed something new this past Passover season, another new thing is being birthed today. I have raised up forerunners of the new “new” to bring it forth.

    The season of “new things” is here. As the moon passes by the sun you will be in a new moment in time and history, one that has never been seen upon the earth before. I am doing a new thing in my house and have come to change my house from glory to glory.

    A new dimension of my glory has begun it will be hidden to most of people in my house, but not to my forerunners. To my forerunners it will be like a rising of the sun as bright as at noon day. It will be the glory of my transfiguration seen within and filling my people.

    These forerunners will bring forth my transfigured glory ones to take their place to rule and reign with me in power, authority, and glory. My new thing I have birthed today is the manifestation of my sons and daughters being transfigured with glory.

    I am changing things now. I am accelerating these changes on the earth can’t your perceive it. Those who hear and open their hearts will enter the fullness of their destiny in me.

    For this new dimension of my glory will cause my forerunners to travel into the highways and byways, and they will go to those I am calling to enter into this new, “new dimension of glory.”

    I have called you, my forerunners, out for such a time as this to work and live in the full dimension of the ministry of my glory now on the Earth. Today it will come forth in deeper reality in you.

    My glory will be your function and your main purpose as I have called you as ambassadors of glory. You will live in my glory, speak from my glory, walk in my glory realm, and release my glory to those I send you to and it will shake the nations.

    This eclipse is bringing forth the fullness of my glory. It will bring forth the final cleansing judgment in my house, the final cleansing of my people for me, so they can become a bride filled and separated unto my glory. Then my glory will judge these world systems and release my cleansing judgments upon the earth.

    Today I declare this will manifest in your midst. Today is the beginning that my glory will transform cities and nations and they will come to the brightness of your arising.

    I am transfiguring my bride. I am transfiguring my full grown sons and daughters with my glory. Today my glory will be seen and manifested on the earth as a witness and then the end shall come (the goal accomplished).

    The kingdoms of this world shall become the kingdoms of your God in Christ. Behold I have done a new thing, says the Lord, can you not perceive it. It is finished.

    My Omega work shall now come fully into bloom. My compelling voice is now being released fully into the highways and to the byways and my glory will cause my house to be filled.

    Henry Falcone
    Kingdom Awakening

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    Rose Cooper



    May I ask you what you mean by ‘transfigured glory’? I think you are taking your terminology from Jesus’ transfiguration on the Mount but I’d like to know more. Thanks.


    Quo Wright

    Hey Bro. Henry,

    Loved this post. Monday’s eclipse was indeed a glorious sign for his people. As I was reading, I thought about Romans 8:30, “Moreover whom He predestined, these He also called; whom He called, these He also justified; and whom He justified, these He also glorified”.

    Transfigured means to be changed completely. His glory is transfiguring (changing) us completely. We are taking of mortality and putting on immortality. No longer walking after the flesh bit completely after the spirit.


    Bless you brother.


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    Rose Cooper

    “Be transformed by the renewing of your minds” – same concept, different word. I just wanted to be sure a difference of terminology was the only difference.

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