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    Chris Williams


    [The Apostle Paul]
    Moreover, brethren, I do not want you to be unaware that all our fathers [Israel]  were under the cloud, all passed through the sea, all were baptized into Moses in the cloud and in the sea, ALL ATE THE SAME SPIRITUAL FOOD, AND DRANK THE SAME SPIRITUAL DRINK [Communion, Eucharist]. For they drank of that SPIRITUAL ROCK that followed them, and that ROCK WAS CHRIST.
    (1 Corinthians 10:1-4)


    This morning, when in a Vision, I saw Jesus sitting in front of a Rock. The Rock in this Vision was huge. Jesus said that I was looking at the same “Rock” that I had been shown in the 1997 Vision, “China (and Egypt) Pushes The World Into The DEEP”.  In that Vision, Jesus identified this Rock as His Spiritual Church and Wife.

    In today’s Vision, a river ran behind the Rock: Christ’s Spiritual Church and Wife. I heard and saw this water flowing; it was both heavy and fast.  A smaller rock sat on the ground to the left of the larger Rock; the smaller rock sat between Jesus and the river.

    [EXCERPT FROM: China (and Egypt) Pushes The World Into The DEEP”; 1997]


    [God speaks, “What do you see”]

    I see Jesus Christ sitting by a large boulder rock. His hands are palm side down and spread out on top of the rock. The vision closes in on Jesus’ hands on top of the rock. This image is huge and fills all of my vision screen.


    Christ and His Spiritual Church, whether in heaven or on earth, are one; and they are the ROCK <1 Cor 10:4; Matt 16:18>. Though I failed to document the following fact in 1997, when this Vision was first shown to me, I saw the “Rock” on the ground. In other words, I was witnessing its presence on earth. God is speaking of His Spiritual Church on earth in this particular part of this Vision.

    Jesus and the large “Rock” sat so close to each other that it was difficult to distinguish between them. However, it isn’t until Jesus and the Rock, His Spiritual Church on earth, become “one in Spirit,” within the Spiritual realm, that Jesus disappears as a separate entity. It is then that He becomes totally ONE with His ONE Spiritual Church [both on earth and in heaven]…

    The fact that Jesus’ hands are palm side down indicates that God is showing us something of critical importance. Jesus is RESTRAINING the ROCK, His Church, and the Spiritual force in this ROCK, Himself/Holy Spirit until the “time is right” in God our Father’s eyes and opinion. Also, His palms down indicate that He is healing {ie laying hands on} His physical church during this part of the vision.

    With regards to the words “Jesus is RESTRAINING the Rock, His Church and the Spiritual force in this ROCK, Himself/Holy Spirit until the time is right in God our Father’s eyes and opinion,” God said on October 29, 2016, “ALL RESTRAINTS ARE GONE.” I first thought that He meant the restraints on His ministry through me.  He meant this and more.

    In October 2016 God removed all restraints on His ROCK, His Church, and the Spiritual force in this ROCK, Himself/Holy Spirit in both the earth and heaven. In other words, the prior “Restraints” that God had put on Christ’s Spiritual Church were removed as of October 29, 2016.  For more details please read, “Our Father Removes All Restraints Upon His SPIRITUAL Church and Ministry On Earth”]

    God says that in the 1997 Vision, “As Jesus removed His hands from the top of the Rock, both He and the Rock, the PHYSICAL religion/church in His name, disappeared; and the Holy Spirit… came forth THROUGH the Spiritual members in [Christ; the Rock] the Spiritual Church on earth. 

    [God again asks me, “Now what do you see?”]

    I see a small white bird [Holy Spirit] in the right hand corner of my vision screen. The bird is in the sky above Jesus, but is descending towards Him. I see the bird getting bigger and bigger, and it lands on the ROCK (on its feet), with its wings spread out.


    Because the bird [Holy Spirit] is above Jesus, and grows ever larger as it descends, we know that it is sent from God our Father to Jesus; and that the power of the Holy Spirit is growing in magnitude as it approaches and becomes one with Jesus, who is already on earth. Jesus allows the “white bird,” the Holy Spirit to land on the ROCK, His Church.

    God said in 2007 that this “white bird” is a “dove”. The “white bird/dove” lands on her feet with her wings spread out because, per God, she is ready to take flight again…”

    “[God asks me, “What do you see?”]

    I see a huge volcano of water erupt from out of the top of the Rock. I do not see Jesus, or Jesus’ hands on the Rock any longer. The light/white colored bird [Holy Spirit] sits on top of the erupting volcano of water. He sits on the white foamy part of the water, which has mushroomed high into the air as an atom bomb would. He still has his wings spread, and I’m not sure if he is on his feet or on his belly.


    As the Holy Spirit shoots forth from the Rock, Christ and His physical church become one WITHOUT ANY SEPARATION. This indicates that the physical church was/is not “one” with Christ Jesus in the Spirit at the beginning of this vision. Therefore, He sat/sits outside the physical church at the time this vision began to manifest.

    The Rock and Jesus become One as the Holy Spirit/Word/Water shoots [EXPLODES] forth… Though Jesus’ hands were a RESTRAINT, He removes them and allows His Holy Spirit to become a volcano of STRENGTH and POWER on earth (God later calls this both His Spiritual Explosion and Spiritual Revolution against satan). God often refers to the “Word” as the Water” in the Bible (see Eph 5:25-27; John 4:13-14).

    … The dove is able to sit on top of the water because she is sitting on the mushroomed part of the water at its very highest in the heavenlies. Notice that God, through our vision, compares this shooting water, or the WORD OF CHRIST SPOKEN AND MANIFESTED THROUGH HIS HOLY SPIRIT, not only to a volcano but to an atomic bomb. That is a LOT of POWER!

    The water shoots into the “heavenlies.” This indicates that the Holy Spirit (who is from heaven) after becoming one with Jesus on earth, continues to minister both on earth and in heaven.  Though not obvious here, we also know from other visions and Prophetic Word on this website, that God will join His heavenly army with His earthly army; they will be His One Holy Spirit filled army.  I believe this vision, written in 1997, way before the Prophetic Word concerning the joining of His armies was given to me, is what we are seeing here.

    Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit maintain all the power. We know this because the “light/white colored” bird stays on top of the water/power. The water/power flows through Christ and His hands, thus the hands of His SPIRIT FILLED MEMBERS: His Spiritual Church on earth and in heaven.

    God has shown me that as the shooting water comes from the Rock, and falls from the explosive water cloud toward earth, it becomes the “NEW RAIN” upon the earth.  This water never touches the ground; (1) IT WILL FALL UPON PEOPLE LIKE RAIN.

    In reality, the atomic looking water cloud is God’s Holy Spirit coming forth through Christ’s Spiritual members (the ROCK). Notice, it will come forth from a very small opening, or hole, at the top of the Rock/Church sitting on earth. This water, coming from the hole in the Rock was once covered over by Christ Jesus’ hands. Christ and His Holy Spirit are God’s Spiritual Power and Authority upon the earth as Jesus’ hands [and thus His restraints upon His Church]  are removed. The FORCE of the Holy Spirit will come through the small number of prepared children of God at first… I suggest you read this whole Vision if you haven’t already. <Jer 5:24; Hos 6:1-3; Joel 2:21-3:2>


    This morning God was teaching me about this 1997 Vision, and He said to “see” how very small the hole in the rock is compared to the Spirit cloud, or water mushrooming out into the sky. He said that the delivery of this “shooting water”, along with the force of the Holy Spirit, will be manifested through a small group of Christians at first, and GROW… The original church grew from the few Apostles (see Acts). This is what God was/is showing in this vision: INSURMOUNTABLE GROWTH FROM A FEW.

    [END OF the “China/Egypt Pushes The World Into The Deep” EXCERT]

    [Today’s 2017 Vision Continues]

    Jesus sat, and later stood, by the two rocks.  At that time, I had a problem seeing Him clearly.  He then sat down on top of the large ROCK, and I could see Him very clearly. The larger Rock was the only one present at that time. The small rock had disappeared completely.  Later, Jesus said and confirmed that the smaller rock represented those who are/were believers in Christ as their Savior, but were/are not one with Him through His Holy Spirit: they are the physical Church without the teachings and PRESENCE OF [not only about] God’s Holy Spirit, thus the Trinity.

    Jesus later said, (2)THESE [represented by the smaller rock] HAVE BEEN SCATTERED ON EARTH.”  I asked Him for more information, and He said, “This is enough for now.”

    Praise God, He then led me to His Prophetic Word through Jane Leade (written in 1619). In Jane’s Vision, God said that “(2)He [Jesus] will not be wanting in qualifying and furnishing certain high and principal instruments [Spiritual men and women] who shall be most humble and as little regarded as David was, who He [Christ] will dignify with honor and priestly sovereignty FOR DRAWING TO THEM [the humble Spiritual men and women] THE SCATTERED FLOCKS AND GATHERING THEM INTO ONE FOLD [ROCK; Christ’s One Body: Spirit/Spiritual Church] OUT OF ALL NATIONS (those “scattered on earth”) [for more details see #2 (EXCERPT from Jane Leade’s Prophecy)].”

    God then said to look again at the river in today’s 2017 Vision.  It was still flowing and moving very quickly.  I looked again at the large ROCK that Jesus was sitting on top of, and then looked back at the river.  The river had now become calm. It was then that I noticed that Jesus stood facing this holy river; His hands were raised in worship toward heaven. He was thanking God for this time/season.  I asked Jesus what He was showing me.

    Jesus interpreted this 2017 Vision, saying, “Originally, in the 1997 Vision, “China/Egypt Pushes The World Into The Deep,”  I [Jesus] had my hands on top of the one large boulder Rock.  In that vision you, Chris, saw that My hands would one day be removed from the Rock; and that I would rise along with My Spiritual Church, and thus with those [Spiritual] members that exploded with Me through the small hole at the top of the [physical] Rock, or Church.

    Within that Vision, all within My Spiritual Rock, Church, Wife shot up and then mushroomed outward; and (1)then they began to [descend]/return toward earth in a new form — (1)RAIN, THE LATTER DAY RAIN (see James 5:7-8). This Spiritual Explosion was compared to an atomic bomb at that time.”

    I then asked Jesus why, in today’s Vision, “The Time Of The Spiritual Explosion Is Upon You,” He is sitting on top of the same large boulder ROCK, and thus the small hole at the top of the ROCK?

    Jesus said, [NOW] I am going to rise with My Spiritual Church, My Spiritual people, as they explode through the small hole at the top of the large boulder Rock, as seen in the Vision ‘Egypt/China Pushes The World… (see link above)’. “NOW IS THE TIME; THE TIME IS UPON YOU.”

    Jesus continued, “The river water that you see feeds My One Church, My Spiritual Church and Wife on earth as we are prepared to ascend as One.  (3)It is the water that you drank in your previous Vision [see #3 below for details]. This water has been formed by God as He unifies/unified you and others. These are prepared by God Himself to ascend and explode upward as One Spirit. It is the Spiritual power of the Holy Spirit flowing through these individuals that allows and causes, along with Christ, the SPIRITUAL ASCENSION AND EXPLOSION THAT NOW COMES.

    This river is the Spiritual water of God’s Word which has become My Wife, My Spiritual Church (washed by the water of the Word: see Eph 5:25-32; John 4:13-14). The river will flow/has flowed into, and up through My Church on earth. My Spirit, the Spiritual Church, the river of the Word will flow through the Rock/Jesus as we begin our ascension.  As I ascend so does She.  We are One.

    See that I rise with Her, and that many/most of (1)Her members descend slightly [toward earth] from above TO SERVE ME WITHIN THE FULLNESS OF MY POWER DURING THIS TIME.  As you review the image of this Power and Force, already seen in the vision “Egypt and China…” (see link above) KNOW THAT THE SAME WILL SOON MANIFEST ON EARTH. 

    See that these [prepared Beings] have become the newness of Christ, and that this newness exceeds all that the first Church was (see Acts).  See that the first Church will, and has become one with My ONE Spiritual Church both in heaven and on earth, Amen Amen and again Amen.

    Return to Me daily now, Chris, in obedience and submission; and non-judgmental, all forgiving love, Amen.  THIS MANIFESTATION COMES QUICKLY UPON YOU AND MANY, CHILD, AMEN AMEN AND AGAIN AMEN.”



    Video 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJdzGMrpWUU

    (1) and (2):

    (1) “IT WILL FALL UPON PEOPLE LIKE RAIN” (+)  “then [they] began to return toward earth in a new form — RAIN, THE LATTER DAY RAIN” (+) “Her [the Spiritual Church] members DESCEND [or condescend] slightly from above to serve Me within the fullness of My Power during this time”


    (2) “These [represented by the smaller rock] have been scattered on earth” (+) “He [Jesus] will not be wanting in qualifying and furnishing certain high and principal instruments [Spiritual men and women] who shall be most humble and as little regarded as David was, who He [Christ] will dignify with honor and priestly sovereignty FOR DRAWING TO THEM [to Christ’s humble subordinate (Spiritual) priests] THE SCATTERED FLOCKS AND GATHERING THEM INTO ONE FOLD [ROCK; Christ’s One Body: Spirit/Spiritual Church/Wife] OUT OF ALL NATIONS”:

    EXCERPT from Jane Lead’s 1619 Prophecy (with more detail):]

    “There are characteristics and marks whereby the pure Virgin Church [Spiritually pure and virgin] shall be known and distinguished from all others and whereby the unction and true sound of the Holy Spirit shall be discerned from all others that are low, false and counterfeit. There must be a manifestation of the Spirit whereby to edify and raise up this Church, whereby bringing heaven down upon the earth and representing here [on earth] the New Jerusalem state in order to which spirits are thus begotten and born of God, ascend to New Jerusalem above where their Head [Jesus Christ; Col 1:18-19; Ehp 5:22-24] in majesty doth reign.

    NONE BUT THOSE WHO HAVE SO ASCENDED AND RECEIVED OF HIS GLORY CAN (2a)CONDESCEND [descend, come down] and communicate the same, being thereby His representatives on the earth and subordinate priests under Him NOW (also see Rev 1:6, Rev 5:10). He [Jesus] that has ascended and glorified has made Himself, as it were, our Debtor. Consequently, He [Jesus] will not be wanting in qualifying and furnishing certain high and principal instruments who shall be most humble and as little regarded as David was, who He [Christ] will dignify with honor and priestly sovereignty for DRAWING TO THEM [the humble] the SCATTERED FLOCKS [smaller rock] AND GATHERING THEM INTO ONE FOLD [ROCK; Christ’s One Body: Spirit; Spiritual Church/Wife] OUT OF ALL NATIONS.

    Therefore, there should be a holy emulation and ambition stirred up among the bands of believers that they may be of the firstfruits unto Him that is risen from the dead and so be made principal agents for Him and with Him, that they may be, if possible, of the number of the First-born, of the New Jerusalem mother (see Gal 4:21-31). All true waiters of His KingdomIN SPIRIT, under whatsoever profession [calling] they may be, ought to be numbered among the VIRGIN SPIRITS to whom this message appertains. Be watchful and quicken your pace.” [End of Jane Leade’s Prophecy]

    (2a) “condescend”:To come down voluntarily to the level of inferiors with whom one is dealing [as Jesus did for us]to yield or assent. [to stoop… to DESCEND]”

    (3)It is the water that you drank in your previous Vision:”


    In this previous Vision, I was dressed in a white robe, and God had placed me on my back.  At that time, I only saw myself from the waist up; I was lying flat on the ground on a high mountain top.

    God slid me quickly down this mountain on my back, as if I was on a slide. As He moved me downward toward the flat earth, He caused all of the running water from the river to pour into my open mouth. The river water completely disappeared as God moved me over it and caused me to drink it all in. I did not choke or gag; nothing about this filling was uncomfortable because it was given by God and it was within the Spiritual realm. God said at that time, “This is the water of the Word, and you drank it all.”  This indicated that God was completely filling me and many others with His Word.


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    Ron McGatlin

    Chris, can you post a link to Video 2 on this post. This is a most powerful and timely word.

    Thanks for posting it here.

    Okay, I found the link to video 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJdzGMrpWUU


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    Chris Williams

    Ron, Thank you for letting me know that this Word from our Lord God is as powerful and timely for you as it was for me.  God is so amazing!  Also, THANK YOU sooooo much for adding the link to the 2nd video.  I will do that on your site site from now on.  Truly, the Lord and you have made my day.  Thank you again, and God Bless you and yours, and all of your hard work in behalf of all of God’s Beloved Children.

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