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    Listen, My child, to what I have to say to you for this is the day of the great falling away and many are falling away because they don’t heed My call to pray, to seek My face, and to draw near. It doesn’t take much to fall away from Me. I will never leave you.

    The enemy comes with the bait to entice you with distractions and you bite the bait. You indulge yourself with those things that are vain, empty, and without My purposes in them and think that they are bringing fulfillment when all they are doing is eating up that time that you need to be with Me.

    Do you lack intimacy with Me having that desire just to bask in My presence? That is a danger sign that you are living a life independent of Me. You are doing your own thing and heading nowhere for being outside of My intimate presence and love brings death. If you do not connect with Me being the vine, it brings death and destruction.

    Pride is your worse enemy and religion for you need to be connected with those that are of the same mind as Me. You need to connect with those that have the same vision that I once gave you. Have you lost your vision? Does it not motivate you to press in for it, to prepare yourself to see it manifest?

    The enemy is out to steal the vision and your purpose. He is causing many to strive after what the world strives to have. I said if you put Me first and My kingdom purposes, then all these things will be added unto you.

    If you work to gain material provision, the enemy will come in and steal it all away and you will be left with nothing. If you live for Me, you will have the abundance stored in a safe place within My ever-flowing waters of provision.

    You will also have My joy strengthening you and My peace, My shalom, which you can never purchase which is priceless.

    Draw near and be restored. Recommit your life to follow Me. Allow Me to restore your vision and your purpose and position in My kingdom says your Lord and King.

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