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    There’s an invitation going out to the children of God from our Heavenly Father and it is a calling to enter into the secret place of protection and provision. Yes, in this place there are many benefits but it will cost you your life to enter in and to stay in this place.

    He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty, the All Sufficient One! A secret place is a place that is kept hidden from others. A shadow can be a shelter from all danger or observation, a protective covering.

    To dwell in the secret place you must first enter into it and then remain there. How do you enter in? You would say by worshiping the Lord, staying close to Him, listening intently to Him, walking and communing with Him, obeying Him, and loving Him. This is what you do when you are there but how do you enter into this secret place that is made hidden from others seeing you and where danger cannot get to you?

    You must go deep to first enter in, not having a shallow relationship with the Lord. How do you stay there where your life becomes one of worshiping Him? You must become Kingdom minded having a life of peace, joy, and righteousness continuously. Joy and peace are mighty weapons of warfare. It is our strength and it keeps you balanced and tranquil through all types of situations,

    We must respond to the deep presence of God within you when He says to come apart from it all to be with Him. To have His intimate and powerful presence at all times and to maintain it you must commune with Him like Adam did before the fall. Before the fall Adam was not distracted by anything. He walked and talked with the Father in the cool of the day until he sinned and it brought separation.

    That is why we must crucify the lusts of the flesh, the temptations of the world, and pride for it separates us and makes us open targets for the lies of the enemy saying we don’t need God because we have all these other things to entertain us.

    Sinful living independent of Him keeps us out of the secret place of the Most High. There are so many distractions that eat up our time. They are methods of escaping the life God intended for us to have. It is living in the kingdom of darkness producing fruit of sin.

    A life of holiness is the fruit of dwelling deep in the secret place. This is a choice we must make. Is it life or death that we want? Choose this day whom you shall serve and eat the fruit of it. There is no middle ground. You cannot have the benefits God has for us if we are not willing to pay the price. He gave us His life for us to have a life hidden in Him, where we are protected and provided for.

    Yes, Psalm 91 is our assurance policy for peace, safety and provision but to have these benefits we must first enter into the secret place with Him and stay there.





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