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    Ron McGatlin

    “The Returning of Fathers and Restoration of Families”

    Anita Alexander, Gold Coast, Australia

    The Spirit of Elijah Is Moving

    The spirit of Elijah – which “restores” all things and “makes ready” a people for the Lord by changing rough, crooked, mountain and valley heart landscapes – is ultimately, in this hour, moving upon the hearts of fathers.

    Luke 1:17 mentions the turning of the fathers’ hearts to the children, first. Then the Scripture explains that, in turn, the wayward, rebellious, stubborn, disobedient and hard-hearted children will “turn” to the wisdom of the just and LOVE the will of God.

    Luke 1:17 AMPC, “And he will [himself] go before Him in the spirit and power of Elijah, to turn back the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient and incredulous and un-persuadable to the wisdom of the upright [which is the knowledge and holy love of the will of God] – in order to make ready for the Lord a people [perfectly] prepared [in spirit, adjusted and disposed and placed in the right moral state].”

    Absence of Godly Fathers = Rebellion in a Generation

    Rebellion in a generation is directly linked to the absence of truly godly fathers. It is the same in the House of God. Mixture, worldliness and rebellion in the house of God are symptoms of the absence of godly fathers. We only need to look at Eli and Ahab as examples to understand this to be true. (Photo via Pikist)

    The Lord is moving in His House and getting His “House in order.” As the spirit of Elijah is going forth preparing the way of the Lord, there is a spirit of repentance that the Lord is inviting natural and spiritual fathers alike to engage in this hour. Get ready to see the culture shift in the Lord’s House. Families will be restored as men return to their posts as fathers.

    Returning to Their First Love

    The answer lies in returning to their first love. This is a spiritual position first. As fathers return to their first love, Jesus, they will then be able to love their wives as Christ loves the Church. As fathers return to their first love, Jesus, they will love righteousness and be godly examples to their children. This is where we will see a turning in a generation. This is where we will see single-minded leadership that won’t tolerate the mixture of the perverse spirit that has been unleashed to confuse and contaminate a generation. We will then see a shift in this next generation that is so desperately needed that will cultivate a love for the will of God. They will love, righteousness and uphold doing things God’s way.

    In addition to the return of natural fathers, the Lord is calling spiritual fathers in the House of God to return to their first love, Jesus. They will love Christ’s Bride (His people) and bring the unadulterated Word of God from the pulpits that will wash and sanctify her from all wayward, worldly mixture.

    The Spirit of Elijah Deals with the Perverse Spirit

    In the days of Jezebel, a perverse spirit contaminated the nation of Israel. This perverse spirit, that has been unleashed in recent decades, has at large succeeded in breaking down the most powerful weapon in our society – family. Hence, the great and multiplied lawlessness we see. The education system, music industry and Hollywood have been slowly grooming a generation into this new antichrist philosophy of family.

    But God! Watch as the Lord looses the spirit of Elijah in this season, making every crooked and perverse way straight, every hard-hearted and rough place smooth, every arrogant and prideful place low, and every bruised and crushed place level. I say, PREPARE THE WAY OF THE LORD!

    If your family is a mess, your marriage broken down, your children rebellious and wayward, or hearts are lukewarm, ask the Lord for the spirit of Elijah to come into your family. Ask God for the spirit of Elijah to come to your church and your community; your schools and your workplaces. May it come and purge and purify all contamination of a perverse spirit, awaken passive and sleeping hearts, and may healing, repentance and restoration come in Jesus’ name! (Photo via Unsplash)

    Note well, a religious spirit also falls under the category of a perverse spirit, as “perverse” means to twist and be crooked. Is this not what John the Baptist and Jesus addressed with the Pharisees of the day? So the spirit of Elijah will also deal with a religious spirit. This religious spirit in the House of God has kept the people of God out of relationship with their heavenly Father and kept them under a heavy yoke of performance. But God is sending the spirit of Elijah to His House in this season and bringing a people back to loving Him and intimacy in His presence.

    The Return of Fathers to Instigate a Return of a Generation

    May the spirit of Elijah be released in your home, in your church and in your community. May fathers, spiritual and natural alike, be baptized with a fresh fire that will heal them, restore them, cause them to forsake self-seeking ways, and awaken in them the need to repent and return to their first love, Jesus. May fruits of repentance come as children are restored, families mended and marriages healed.

    This is the time for family. It was God’s heart from the beginning, and this is His heart for today. It’s always been His heart and nothing has changed. He is the same yesterday today and forever. This is the time for restoration in the family which will then, in turn, result in healthy communities that uphold righteousness. We will not be sucked away into a vacuum of evil and lawlessness. We will see peace restored.

    May the spirit of Elijah come to your family! May all things be restored!

    Anita Alexander
    Revival Flame Ministries

    Email: anita@revival-flame.org
    Website: http://www.revival-flame.org

    Motivated by an intense love for the Body of Christ, Anita Alexander’s passion and compassion is to see the Church forsake religion and tradition, awaken to the Father’s love, and arise and walk in the overcoming identity as sons and daughters of the Kingdom. Anita and her husband Dr. Sasha Alexander travel nationally and internationally ministering in revival fire that brings resurrection life, healing and awakening to the Body of Christ. Together, their passion is to impart, raise up and release a generation of sons and daughters who manifest the glorious victory of the finished work of the Cross. They are co-founders and senior ministers of Revival Flame Ministries, Golden City Church, and Kingdom Academy School of the Spirit Ministry Training School in Gold Coast, Australia.

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