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    People who believe that most, if not all, the prophesies of the Old Testament have been fulfilled in the past or just ignore them, are those who prefer to not face the reality of a forthcoming, worldwide devastation by the Lord.

    The prophesies of this judgement/punishment onto the enemies of God, are very well described throughout the O.T. and are confirmed by the New Testament. In over 100 scripture passages, this terrifying event is vividly described as a devastating fire sent by God from the sun, that will literally fulfil all that is predicted about it.

    Some of the prophesies speak in an allegorical way about this event, Joel 2:1-11 is an example. But most say what will happen, in an unambiguous way, for example:

    Ezekiel 7:17… people will wet their pants in fright as they see what is coming.

    Isaiah 24:1 Be warned, the Lord is about to strip the earth and scatter its inhabitants.

    Zephaniah 3:8 On the Day I accuse the whole earth, it will be enveloped by My burning anger. I will pour out My wrath upon the nations.

    2 Peter 3:7 …the present heavens and earth are reserved for fire, for the Day of Judgement and the destruction of the ungodly.

    Psalm 50:3 Our God is coming, with His consuming fire and raging storm…

    Nothing like that has happened to the world as yet, but what is so clearly described could and will happen; if we are to believe the Bible. Secular scientists are aware of this possibility of a massive explosion of the suns surface, a Coronal mass Ejection, in fact: they say there is a high probability of such an event and it could occur at any time.

    It is a mistake to think these prophesies and all the others that tell of this event, are past history, or abrogated by Jesus. Remember He is prophesied to come: ‘like a lightning flash, seen from East to West… Mathew 24:27-28 and ‘with His winnowing fork in His hand …to burn the chaff on a fire….Matthew 3:12

    Then: where the vultures gather, there will be the carcasses. Vultures: the attackers of Israel. Carcasses: Those killed on that Day. Ezekiel 30:1-5, Psalms 97:3-5, Jeramiah 9:22, Isaiah 6:11-13, +

    This dramatic event is the yet to happen, Sixth Seal worldwide disaster. Not the Return of Jesus in glory for His Millennium reign, that will be about 20 years later.


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